Tuesday, December 27, 2005


I have started the reclaiming of the house after Christmas.

Kids toys are put away and their rooms are organized again....for how long is anybody's guess.

All the decorations have been taken down. Most of the regular everyday items are put back up.

Still so much to do.

Of course since it's me and I always have to do things obsessivly I just cant put things away I have to also clean what was already there. I have totally cleaned out all my kitchen cabinets this morning and I have a huge box for a Spring yard sale in the garage.

I have also been playing with one of my favorite Christmas presents a scrapbook program for my computer. I have made about 12 pages for the kids scrapbooks. I think with this program and using the digital camera I can now catch up on my scrapbooks. Of course lots of old pics to scan too.

One of the kids favorite things has turned out to be just a little stocking stuffer I had picked up at Disney for Braden it was 4 card games disney style Old Maid, Go Fish, War and Crazy Eights. I am glad they like it so much and that all 4 of us can enjoy it. Glad that one of the simpler presents is getting so much play.

I have stalled enough I have several things that are needing attention including the kids.


dakotablueeyes said...

Put up one of those scrappin pages so we can see it lol