Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Field Trip

I had the "fun" of going along with 30 kids ice skating today! Doesn't that sound like fun?

Brittney is in the gifted and talented education program and this was a field trip for them. I must say of this gifted and talented group....3 left their lunch boxes at school, 2 kept trying to lick the ice, and yet another couldnt figure out why the floor that he was skating on was so cold...hmmm gifted and talented indeed...LOL.

Braden tagged along too, and I have to say he did really good. Brittney got it in her head before going on the ice that she wouldn't like it and so she didn't....ugh I was so aggrivated with her. She did go around the rink one and half times. I tried prying her arms away from the wall only to get yelled out "No I dont want to bust my head open"...I was like I dont want that either but I want you to try. Braden surprised me he really liked it, my arm will be sore from trying to keep him up but he did pretty good.

I get to brag that I didn't fall...I am sure that wont hold true if we go again, but at least I stayed on my feet today. I will admit to a few close calls though and a few wobbly moments.

Thursday, April 21, 2005

Achivement Tests

I know tests are important and they have to measure what the kids are learning, but geesh they put a lot of pressure on kids with these tests.

Brittney who is in 1st grade is already an overachiever and puts way too much stress on herself, so when the teacher tells them this test is to see how much they really know. Oh man my 7 year old is a mess, "mom do you think I did alright", "mom I got a 100 on the practice test, what if I dont on the real test"....and on and on.

Braden who is in kindergarten, personally could care less. I am glad he is not stressed out, but on his I am the one stressing. I think they are expecting too much out of Kindergarten. There is a section on the test that the teacher cannot read to them 10 questions they must read themselves. Brittney could read in Kindergarten, Braden can some easy words but not much. About half of his class is the same as he is. On the practice test one questions was "Which one below is a fruit?"...I know I am 30 but I dont remember having to be able to read those kinds of sentences in Kindergarten.

I know with some of the work even in first grade circling the noun, verb and adjetive, I am very glad to already have completed school because I dont know if I could make it threw again...geesh seems they are expecting more and more younger and younger.

Saturday, April 16, 2005


I have been pretty stressed on financial situations due to medical issues with Braden. Some friends of mine started some fundraising. I knew that there would be more eyes on us, etc, as always when there is help being for someone.

I told Matt I felt like if I met someone at WalMart they were looking in my basket to see what I was buying. Like if we needed help for medical then we shouldn't splurge at all. What a lot don't realize is there is a big difference in buying a $5 treat for the kids and having $4,200.00 up front for medical treatment.

We are also under a lot of scrutiny it seems. Also it seems that if someone helps then they think that automatically means they can question our decisions. What has surprised me most is who is doing the scrutinizing people that I never would have thought. People who are now calling me questioning my decisions, thinking they have a right to do that.

So the fundraising is a double side a tremendous relief and blessing, the other a pain.

Friday, April 15, 2005

Playstation II

All 3 of my kids seem to be addicted to Playstation II.

Oh wait I only have 2 kids so the 3rd must be my loving hubby!

I should have know it was coming in October when we got the Christmas gift (Playstation II) off of layaway and hubby begged to try it out to make sure it worked before giving it to the kids in December.

Now that they have found a game that 3 can play at once Shrek II the fun never ends. The kids beg as soon as they come thru the door, and Matt had to go back to playing after they went to bed last night to beat a level....he said it was for the kids...but I somehow don't buy that.

I think I could easily become a play station II widow, and I think my kids would gladly ignore mommy for a game.

Friday, April 08, 2005

Losing it.

"You are just so strong"
"I couldn't hold it together like you do"
"I don't see how you do it"

These are comments I often hear from my friends, mostly in regards to things we are dealing with in relation to Braden. Well I don't think any of them will be saying those things anymore.

Yesterday was a tough day. I told Matt it wasn't that there was any more stress than usual but I just lost it. I cried all day, you couldn't speak to me without reducing me to tears several people got to witness my undoing. One doctor got to watch me almost hyperventilate. It was just all the worry seemed to work its way in to yesterday. The worry about Braden's current health, his future, the financial aspects all of it.

I worked on PTA yearbook at a friends house last night with 5 other moms and ended up leaving in heaving sobs when they started asking about what was wrong after getting a round of hugs that only made me sob worse. No doubt to them I am human now and not supermom like they thought who kept it all under control.

But in actuality I feel much better this morning, I woke up at 4:30 and thought I would go ahead and get up and I do feel better. I feel somewhat released like I needed those sobs to get out I needed not to hold it together for awhile. I feel like I can handle the challenges again and it is nice to know that my friends know that even though I say I can handle it that sometimes I need to not handle it.

So losing it was a good thing afterall.

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Boy Crazy!

What does the future hold, if in first grade they are already this boy crazy?

Yesterday Brittney informed us that she loves Dillon because he loves her for who she is. Keep in mind she is 7 years old! She has been asking Matt and I why we got married, and how we knew we were in love. Dillon is equally girl crazy and him mom said he goes home crying if he thinks Brittney doesn't love him. Remember....1st graders here.

My friend Lori called me two nights ago to inform me that her daughter Macae is grounded. Why?, because she took a $100.00 bill that Lori had left out and forgot to put up. She took it so she could give it to Clayton so he would be her boyfriend again. Again...1st graders.

I have tried to have the talk about not kissing boys, and that it was for when we get older. I have tried the boys have cooties....nothing stopped it. Luckily it is kissing on the cheek..for now at least. So what I am now doing is that she has to tell me everything, and so if Daniel (another boy besides Dillon that she likes but doesnt love) kisses her she comes right home and tells me. I wish that would last forever...but somehow I doubt that it will.

So if it is this bad in first grade I really dread junior high and eeekkkk highschool and car dating....oh I am getting a migraine thinking about it.

Sunday, April 03, 2005


I saw this on Mana Babies ( I dont know how to add the http address....have I admitted before that Matt is the computer brain in this household.) Anyway I thought it was cute.


Accent - Oklahoma--Okie with a little Texas twang thrown in still.
Bra size - I keep telling my hubby all my daughters friends mommies are getting boob jobs and I want them too but the oh but all my friends have them doesnt seem to be working. Of course if he ever said yes I would never spend that much money nor actually go through with it oh well.
Chore I hate - Vacuming which is why I will never leave my hubby because he does this chore without complaint! (thanks honey)
Dad's name - Jerry
Essential make-up - Mascara
Favorite perfume - I have bottles sitting under my cabinet that are rarely used but I like Elizabeth Arden's True Love and Victoria Secrets A Little Sexy. I mostly just use the scented body washes.
Gold or Silver - Gold
Hometown - Was born in Dumas, Texas and I still go back to that area not that exact town though to visit family, but we live now in Pocola and will stay (I have to say that since we built this house my hubby says the herse or the rapture are the only ways he is leaving)
Interesting fact - People tried to set my husband and I up before we accidently met in a cafeteria at the hospital, but we didnt know that until we had started dating and put two and two together and were like oh you were the one that lived in that apartment and so on.
Job title - Busy Busy Mommy
Kids - Brittney 7, and Braden soon to be 6 on May 5th
Living arrangements - 4 bedroom brick house in a new housing division built towards the outskirts of town. When we moved in we were like wow all this room now we have stuff in the attic and a storage building out back!
Mom's Birthplace - Fort Smith, Arkansas
Number of apples eaten in last week - None this week, I bought grapes, apples and bananas and I prefer the grapes.
Overnight hospital stays - When kids were born 7 days with Brittney and 4 with Braden, once with my heart a few months after Braden was born.
Phobia - hubby is suppose to be making me fly this summer...already getting high blood pressure from the thought. I have flown before 9/11 without too much fear but just something about it now that I just get so nervous.
Question you ask yourself a lot - Why did I agree to do this for so and so?
Religious affiliation - Baptist
Siblings - Younger brother who is 25
Time I wake up - Around 6:30 during the week when I have to set an alarm and then make the kids wake up but on the weekend it is 6:30 because they are jumping in bed with us, why dont they need waking up on the weekend? It's just not fair!
Unnatural hair color - My hair was really blond when I was younger, then got darker and is more of a reddish blond. I have dyed it red red before and I loved it hubby has only seen pics and said no way no way and since I hate it when he grows a mustache I cant argue about!Vegetable I refuse to eat - Any kinds of seaweed looking greens, turnip greens, spinach..yuck
Worst habit - Not telling people no and then griping to myself because I have too much to do.
X-rays - I break bones so easily, or at least I used to knock on wood havent in about 6 years so had lots of xrays and lots of ultrasounds Matt worked at a hospital during my first pregnancy and I got lots of ultrasounds!
Yummy food I make - Enchiladas or for dessert I love making cute cakes
Zodiac sign - Cancer