Saturday, November 26, 2011


My baby brother is now married...of course he is 32! Thought he would probably not marry but now he is and I have a great new sister and niece to love as well.
Here is a quick snapshot of Bride and Groom with Britt and Braden

Wednesday, November 02, 2011

This and That

Pic of the kids from Halloween. Britt is such a good big sister not a lot of 13...eek now she is 14 would dress up as a power ranger with their brother but she did.

Very busy around here. I have went back to work just 15 hours a week but amazing how much that 15 hours affected our schedule. It is 3 afternoons a week which works well so we can do our school time in the morning.

Brittney turned 14! I still can't believe it...also can't believe I didn't do a birthday post will have to go back and do a belated one. She is growing up into such a great young woman. We have had a really rough time the last few weeks with a family we have been good friends with for years and the adult stuff leaked over to the kids it has been hard watching her have to deal with it but she continues to impress me.

We are getting ready for holidays and my brothers wedding that will be happening soon! Sure to be busy busy but as long as we are all together busy can be fun!