Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Smart or Smart Alleck?

I was helping Braden study for his spelling test. He gets a list of 10 words each week.

I numbered his paper 1 thru 10 for him and called him in. I was doing other stuff in the kitchen and called out the word. I called out the first and he was like "Mom that is not the first one". I told him I was mixing up the order. We argued back and forth and so finally he said "Fine".

So I skipped around giving him the 8th word on the list 1st, the 3rd one on the list 2nd and so on.

I go to look at his paper afterwards and little smart alleck had put all the words in perfect order as they were on his list. Instead of when I called it out as number 1 he knew it was 8th so he put it down in that spot.

So either I brag on his great memory or wonder what I did to deserve a 6 year old smart alleck.


dakotablueeyes said...

I can see why you think smart aleck but considering all his problems isn't it nice to know his memory is better than mine. Lol

Middle_America said...

I caught him doing the same with me. Reminding me that is not the first word.

I find it kindof cool, he puts things in numerical sequences very easy. I guess that is why others cheat on his math.

Middle_America said...

I commented this story last night during dinner and one peer said, he has photographic memory.