Friday, August 26, 2005

Oklahoma City

Matt and I left last night for our weekend in Oklahoma City. He is attending the school board seminar and I am tagging along. I had a minor breakdown by the time we got here wishing we would have brought the kids instead of them staying at my parents. Of course the kids are thrilled to be at nana and papa's but I was having a hard time. I spoke to them this morning as papa was taking them to school and they were doing great and already getting spoiled. So I guess I can make it, last night my dad was willing to meet me halfway to get them in the morning, but I think I can make it. Dad said the kids were fine but he was worried about his baby ( I told Matt I will just spoil them with a few prizes.

Last night was came into the hotel and basically crashed. The hotel is right across the street from the one I stayed in for the PTA conference so at least I feel somewhat familiar with my surroundings and getting around.

The hotel is nice, but man oh man is it expensive. The school is picking up the tab for the room, but whoa everything in it has a price. Mini bar with $2.00 can sodas, $3.50 for a KitKat...needless to say I will be making a run to target today for snacks. The theme seems to be Buffalo, there is a stuffed buffalo that has a tag that says "I am the Oklahoma Buffalo, take me home for $16.95". I dont ever recall Oklahoma being known for the Buffalo, but okay whatever.

Matt and I were hungry last night and spent WAY too much on a plate of cheese and fruit (unripe watermelon, and bad strawberries, but the cantelope and cheese was good). But we were hungry and didn't want to get out of the hotel after making it in.

Tonight we plan on dressing nice and going out to dinner. I am just bumming in the hotel this morning, then this afternoon may go do some shopping. I am hoping to get a little Christmas shopping done.

So we are here, I am having withdrawels from the kids, Matt is in the conference and I am using the expensive internet connection....only getting it for 24 hours I think...the hotels we usually stay at have free internet, not here $12.95 a I said nice hotel but everything is extra.


Rootietoot said...

Is this the first time you've left the kids? That was always the hardest for me. I would have visions of grandparents doing something stupid like letting them eat rocks or play on the rr tracks. They did just fine, tho, and now that the kids are 17,16,14 and 6, I look for people to take them.

Relax and enjoy the weekend. you've got your hub's undivided self and should take advantage. Get an ice cream cone or a great big Slurpy and watch people!

Jody said...

Aww I know how hard it can be. I have left my kids over night a couple of times but I always miss them like crazy and wonder what they are up too when we have. Don't do it often LOL. I understand how you feel. Try to relax and enjoy your time with hubby with no kid's intterupting!!

dakotablueeyes said...

That sucks that they charge extra for stuff. You would think that would be built into the high price of the room. I always thought that's why they were higher than other hotels lol. Guess I was wrong