Monday, July 31, 2006

My son....

We were in JCPennys today exchanging somethings and using a gift card.

I was looking around. Braden says "Mom I really need this shirt".

I look at it and say Braden do you even know what it says? I didn't think he could read it...I was wrong.

He replies "Yes mom it says: I'm NOT lazy I just don't care". He says "It is perfect for me".

Ugh...I am going to get such gray hair from him.

Saturday, July 29, 2006

My Living Room

Owl Haven did a tour of her house on her blog and I thought it was so neat. I have been meaning to post pics of my living room ever since we redid it the beginning of the summer. Finally we about done...two more things that I am looking for are new tv trays, and a new fireplace screen but other than that it is done. I love the furniture that we bought and the new paint colors. I am too lazy to dig out pics of the before but it had white walls and blue couch and loveseat. I love the large ottamon because it is a great storage. The fabric of the furniture is easy to clean and get pet hair off of as well....both pluses in this house. Weird spots showed up on some of the pics of the walls but those spots aren't really on the walls so must have just been a flash or something.

Friday, July 28, 2006

Being Lazy

Kids are with my parents.

Matt and his dad took his brother out for dinner for his birthday.

I have the house to myself.

I have a to do list two pages long.

What am I doing?

Absolutely nothing....

Well that isn't true I have done the following: Watched meaningless TV, Ate a bowl of ice cream, laid on the couch (while watching meaning less TV), took a shower....none of those were on the to do I guess I could sum it all up with being lazy, but at this moment I don't care. I never just lounge and do nothing. It is kinda nice...and now I can add being on the computer while lounging on the couch watching meaningless TV to what I have done.

Thursday, July 27, 2006


Amazingly there was sleep to be had even though this was the scene in my living room floor....

Kids were good, I actually love having sleepovers for the kids because I get to do crafts and play too!

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Tennis Anyone?

Braden has decided he is going to be a professional tennis player when he grows up....but only if he doesn't have to get hot or sweat....That's my boy!

Here are some pics from tennis camp they are getting to take it with our friends from Fort Worth and our other good friends (new to blogging BriNoahsDad). All six of them get along so well. I made them pose after tennis for me. I tried to use my stolen idea from Heather but it didn't look as good when I did it.

This is how bad I really am..

I have blogged before about my inability to say no to people when they ask me something, well here is an example from last night.

It is about 7:30 and I get a call on my cell phone I don't recognize the number but I pick it up:

Me: Hello
Caller: Kel, can we come over and swim?
Me: Sure that would be okay.
Caller: Okay bye.

hang up...Matt is sitting beside me and sees me looking perplexed. I tell him someone may be coming over for swimming. He asked me who. I had no clue. Don't know who had called, but I had still said yes, because to say no would have been rude...LOL.

Anyway, my "friend" never showed up to swim and I still have no clue who it was. If they hadn't said my name I would have thought it was a wrong number.

But the point of the story is that I hate saying no to people when they ask me things that apparently I will even invite strangers over to swim.

See I told you I need to work on my inability to say no.

Monday, July 24, 2006

Made it home!

We left the Dallas area about 30 minutes before they shut down a portion of I20 because of a kidnapping of a semi. So after we heard that news we were glad we got out of there when we did.

It took a while to get home we were following our friend and the kids switched off, and then I rode with her awhile and hubby got to drive by himself and listen to his cd's.

This week will be a busy one. Kids have tennis camp every morning bright and early (before the heat gets unbearable), our friends from Fort Worth will be here so we have lots planned to do with them and our other friends that have kids the same ages. The six kids get along so well together so it will be fun but busy week.

Saturday, July 22, 2006


Last night our friends kept the kids and we got to go out in Fort Worth to celebrate our anniversary. Since the actual day of our anniversary Matt had to work 16 hours, and I had a terrible cold and had no voice it was nice to actually get out and celebrate last night.

We went to the most wonderful resteraunt. It was so different and neat. Definetly one of the fancier resteraunts this country girl has been too! I will say it was very expensive but definetly worth it for a special occasion. The food was so amazing and the atmosphere was great as well.

Tonight is payback though and we are spending the night at our friends house and watching their kids while they attend a military dining out and stay overnight. Tommorow we will head back home.

Thursday, July 20, 2006


This morning we left from Enid to head to Fort Worth.

I have not been sleeping well and had a terrible night Wednesday night, so this morning I just grabbed my makeup/travel bag and threw it in the front seat so that I could get ready later.

The problem...


My bag was gone, I dont know if I kicked it out at McDonalds or what happened to it. I can't believe I did that and didn't notice, or if I put it on top of the van or what. But bottom line every bit of make up I owned, all my travel stuff gone gone gone....I spent $60 at Super Target and still didn't get everything replaced. But no way no way was I spending the next several days with no makeup including our date night tommorow night.

So plus side is I got some new makeup which I hardly ever buy because it is so expensive.

Downside is besides the cost of replacing everything is the fact that where that bag went is going to drive me crazy!

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Checkin In

We are still in Enid, we will head out to Fort Worth tommorow and then home on Sunday. I think I am finally finally getting over this summer cold. It has been a rough one it just keeps hanging on.

Hubby has been working hard on the computer system at the hospital here in Enid. I think he is ready to actually have a few days away from work and all in Fort Worth. I know we are both looking forward to Friday night to go out to dinner and a nigh without kiddos to celebrate our anniversary. I have been entertaining kids and trying to get over this cold.

We are having our kitchen painted while we are out of town by a good friend so I am excited to see what it will look like. I have finally found an end table I like for my living room very reasonable priced while we were here so will be hauling it back too then I can finally take pics of my made over living room. Kitchen will take awhile but at least the paint will be done.

Here are a few pics from the park and children's museum. We have also had lots of playtime in the pool. Been a nice break. The one of Braden and the puppet was at the children's musuem they were suppose to be putting on a puppet show for me but Braden wouldnt stay behind the curtain he was having more fun attacking his sister's puppet.

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Only works 9 months out of the year

A conversation with Braden and his Nana:

Nana: Braden can you count to 100?

Braden: I can when I am in school but I dont count in the summer, my brain is on a break.

11 years

11 years ago do we look young....Happy 11th Anniversary Honey! I would do it again in a heartbeat and never regret, I love you so much and as corny as it sounds I wouldn't be complete without you.

Happy Anniversary!!!

Friday, July 14, 2006

What a day! *updated

The last few days Britt has been complaining at times about not feeling well. First said that her eye was blurry, then just not feeling well. Then she would bounce back.

I was on the verge of thinking maybe she just needed some special time with me. So bright and early this morning we get up and head to WalMart to get donuts and do a girls day out. She about passes out in the store, gets very dizzy goes down to her knees. Scared the crap out of me! So to ER we went. She starts feeling better after we get checked in. The doc does a full work up on her chest Xray, ears, etc. Doc isn't sure what is going on but since she feels better he says we can go. He says to keep in the back of my mind about scaring the crap out of me again. So I leave ER she is feeling better so we stop by my office, and Brittney proceeds to throw up.

We head home she sleeps a few hours, wakes up no fever but throwing up. So I call and get her into the pediatrician (we are in between pediatricians right now)that was on call. He said not to let what the doc said about MS scare me. By this time Brittney is running a fever. He did a complete nuero work up and while he said that the eye thing has him befuddled he does think the rest is just a virus. He said to keep the MS comment way way in the back of my mind and that if she continues to have weird episodes then we will check more into it.

She has some phenergan and is now holding down sprite and a few crackers. Hopefully it will pass soon and the weird dizzy spells will go away as well and it will all be chalked up to a virus.

But oh what a day!

* Brittney is still asleep but she has quit running fever and last night did drink a large Sprite, eat some crackers, then have some water before bed. So I am hoping we are on the up side of whatever this was.


Yesterday evening and this morning in between my deathbed coughing and snottin I was trying to change passwords and account names.

I was hacked...or more specific my ebay account was.

Because anyone who knows me knows I have a slick little Nissan sports car for sale for $55...ugh...that is what I saw that I was selling on my ebay yesterday. I was like what? Had to get online and fix the selling fees and all of that. Change everything.

Ugh now it is done so I can go back to this summer cold that is threatening to be the end of me.....I just thought I was getting better....ugh....

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Almost over it...

I slept basically all day yesterday. I was suppose to watch a total of six kids as favors to friends, but luckily they all understood when I backed out. I was so glad I had backed out because I was really feeling lousy yesterday.

Better today...but now I am heading off for a day of appointments and errands with the kids so who knows how I will feel after all of that.

We leave Sunday for a week away four days in Enid Oklahoma while hubby works on a new computer system at the hospital and 3 in Fort Worth for fun!

Hopefully no one else will get this junk that I have had. Of course always is the luck that someone gets sick right before or during a trip.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Not even the right season for this

Stuffy, coughy, achy, sneezy, yucky all over....yep summer cold.

Summer...that is the key word, not suppose to have a cold in the summer.

But boy oh boy do I ever have one. I am so miserable.

I went to bed at 6:30 which of course made me wake up at 11:00. I have now taken more supposed make me better medicine and will hopefully fall back out soon.

At least in the winter I feel like I can snuggle under the covers, it is overcast skies more, now bright sunshine outside and the last thing I want to do is snuggle under the covers. Yet here I am snottin and coughin and all over yuckin.

Monday, July 10, 2006

Day 1 down

Okay I have decided I have to do some excercising have to have to have to.

I thought it would be easier if i involved the kids. So I signed all of us up for a fun run/walk at the zoo in October. I thought this would be a good goal to work towards.

This morning the kids and I head out for our workout. Brittney wanted to do her scooter (which is much easier and faster than poor Braden and I). Braden bless his heart ran the whole way while I power walked. He has to sit towards the end because he said his legs were stinging off! We then got in the pool to cool off and work out some more.

Anyway I can now say I did day one, Braden has already informed me that I could do tommorow without him. Brittney said she would do the pool part with me.

I am going to try to really do this but as of this evening I am already thinking I could sleep in a little extra tommorow and switch the walking part till the evening (which I know will then become oversheduled and forgotten).

Ugh am I sure being healthier is all it is cracked up to be?

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Simple Fun

I found a book of make your own paper airplanes in the party favor section of Target. It had 12 papers, stickers and directions.

Tonight we had the family airplane races...sad to say I didn't win (darn hubby). But we all had fun and the kids are still at it racing their planes down the hall. I like the times when they are having fun with something they did, something that didn't cost the bank to buy, something we could all do. Of course the arguing just started and I will now have to go hang them both by their toes...(a threat that always guarantees to have them laugh but at least it makes them quit).

Still stinks

I learned a lesson last night...Act II is not right on how long it takes to cook a mini bag of popcorn in my microwave.

I sat it by the directions...3 minutes.

Left the kitchen to do a few things while it was cooking. Walked back in when it had about 30 seconds left, smoke was billowing out of the microwave, the bag was smoldering, and it stunk so awful.

I had to use a knife to stab the bag and remove it from the microwave. We turned on the exhaust fan over the stove, the ceiling fan, opened windows all to keep the smoke alarms from going off.

This morning even after the trash has been taken out and microwave cleaned it still smells like burnt popcorn.

The correct time for a mini bag in our microwave is 1 minute 50 seconds, but after I learned that and got Brittney's popped I was so sick of the stinch I couldn't enjoy popcorn.

Friday, July 07, 2006

Yard Sale Success

Yard sale is over I made almost $500.00. Which is great, but if you add in all the hours I spent preparing, the labor of putting it out, sitting out with it, loading the leftovers, etc...I don't know if I made minimum wage. But it is all out of here now, we donated the leftovers to a church for their youth yard sale. Now I need sleep.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

A lift in my day

Today has been so busy, the kids and I started errands at 8am. I have been breaking my back getting yard sale stuff out to the garage, arranged, priced, etc. Several friends of mine are bringing stuff over we always have yard sales together at my house because of my location. It is also much more fun when a group of us do it.

I have been looking for an outfit to wear out for when hubby and I go out for our anniversary. We are doing it a week later than our actual anniversary so that we can have fun in Fort Worth and some friends of ours live there and will babysit (for the whole night...yippee)...anyway I have looked at JCPennys, Kohls, TJMaxx, nothing. Today I thought well I will run through WalMart but thought chances of finding an outfit fancy enough for the resteraunt and occassion were slim. I thought wrong I found the perfect outfit it is dressy but so comfortable, something I will actually wear again, and the bonus actually looks decent on so that made me happy.

Of course the 3 hours since then that I have spent on yard sale stuff not so happy.

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

4th Fun

We had about 20 people here for the 4th.

The 5 youngest kids got to play in the pool and the oldest (my dad) got in with them as well. I imagine he will be sore as he had each kid on his shoulder a few times.

We got some rain, but we just played games inside. Gestures was funny to have everyone play (kind of like charades). The rain let up in time for fireworks, it was actually great temp not too hot. The neighbors also did some huge fireworks so we watched those too.

Happy 4th of July!!!!!

Matt and his dad are playing Uno with the kids. My parents are due any minute and all the other guests in about an hour and half. Food is prepared, pies are chilling, ice is cooling the drinks, shade tent is up in the back yard, toys are in the pool, decorations are up. We are are a few pics I snapped. The kids and I had so much fun with those window crayola markers. They wash right off we decorated both storm doors. We will have to do that for all the holidays from now on. More pics of the bbq later.

Monday, July 03, 2006


We all went in for haircuts today. Brittney got about 5 inches cut off, it is the shortest she has ever had it. Braden's looks cute too.

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Needing a little tender loving care

Britt is very kind hearted. She loves animals, will give away her last dollar, cry at the slightest hurting of feelings, etc.

Saturday she was at the garden center with her nana. She said a flower wasn't getting watered and the guy said it was just going to die. She started begging her nana for it. The garden center lady gave it to her for 50 cents. Brittney is trying to nurse it back to health, she has even been talking to it. It is suppose to be an azeala that blooms in Fall and Spring.

I will be going to buy fertilizer for it tommorow.

She said it was sad and the garden center lady put it in a sack so she named it "Sack of Sad".


Temp 97.9 with 37% humidity = a hot and muggy day

We got the yard work done. I have to get my 4th decorations up tommorow evening for the cookout on Tuesday. I have also been working on yard sale stuff.

Hubby kids and I all jumped in the pool...which was nice.

I figure between the heat, the work we did, and the pool play we should all be tired and sleep good!

Saturday, July 01, 2006

Not techy enough to figure it out

I tried for over an hour last night to load a video on youtube so I could put it on the blog. I had used my digital camera to record the kids at vacation bible school program last night. I just couldn't get it done. I have them on my computer but can't get them turned over to the youtube.

The kids were both cute singing, but I had about 15 people come up and comment on Braden. It was super cute he was singing VERY loudly...cute...with his verbal apraxia you would think that he would be shy with public speaking, but not Braden he puts it all out there.

I will keep trying to figure it out, or better yet make hubby figure it out.