Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Rhyming Words

This evening I was trying to do some typing for my aunt, my dad happened to be over at the same time so he took over helping Braden with his homework.

The homework was provide two rhyming words for each word.

The words were.....

And what words did Papa use to help Braden rhymn....

Me Pee Bee
Go Ho Moe (In Dad's defense he said Braden misspelled Ho that he meant the Hoe)
Cub Hub Bub

Anyone else see any problems with a first grader writing these rhyming words.

I rehelped Braden and now his paper reads....

Me Bee Tree
Go Toe So
Cub Tub Rub

We deleted out Pee, Ho, Moe, Hub and Bub....

How did I make it out of school if that is how my dad helped me? I dont think I will be asking Papa to help with homework for awhile.

Tuesday, August 30, 2005


Stop the world I want to get off.

I need a break. I know I just had a wonderful weekend away with hubby, but back to real world and it is spinning out of control.

First off....

Inlaws anyone want mine? I doubt you do since they are certifiable. That is not just regular I don't get along with my inlaw talk it is they are certifiable crazy for real. Father in law is fine, but Mother in law and especially brother in law and sister in law are just awful. They have decided why work lets just get on government assistant. Nothing against government assistance but the way they are doing this is just ridiculous.

Health issues, ugh...I am sick of them. Apparently my body did not get the memo that I am too busy to be sick or to have any health concerns.

School...Braden has gotten an awful cough, thing is it didn't start till school started, well low and behold the classroom vents are so full of dust and dirt and the floor is getting soft and it seems there is mold. UGH...why not just fix it, no that would be too easy. This school is also giving my friend with a handicapped daughter a very hard time poor little girl has to sit in the library because all her classes aren't accessible to her. I know there is tons of red tape, I am learning that more and more now that Matt is on school board but I just don't see how they are getting away with not taking care of the kids. Very frustrating. When Braden gets sick he is at high risk for seizures he has come so far with the treatments we have done and he cannot stay sick like this they have to do something. I am so frustrated, can you tell?

Work...I do freelance paralegal and for months I have been scraping to get enough hours now when I am busy with PTA I am getting tons of work, enough that I am sharing with a friend, but even with her help I still have to oversee it since I am certified and she is not.

Van is having problems, as if the cost of gas isnt enough looks like the van will be going to Firestone tommorow.

So this blog is a gripe blog tonight. Maybe tomorrow will get better, but as much as my to do list is growing it does not seem promising.

Saturday, August 27, 2005

Do I normally look that bad?

317 times

That is how many times hubby made a comment last night such as "You look good", "Wow you look great", on and on.

Matt and I were going out to a nice dinner and to walk around and I had some extra time to get ready since he was in the seminar.

I did take some extra time last night and wear and outfit that was a great departure from my OU Sooners Tshirt, jean shorts and flip flops but still, I started wondering gosh how bad do I normally look to rate all this attention. But I did enjoy the attention...immensly.

Friday, August 26, 2005

Oklahoma City

Matt and I left last night for our weekend in Oklahoma City. He is attending the school board seminar and I am tagging along. I had a minor breakdown by the time we got here wishing we would have brought the kids instead of them staying at my parents. Of course the kids are thrilled to be at nana and papa's but I was having a hard time. I spoke to them this morning as papa was taking them to school and they were doing great and already getting spoiled. So I guess I can make it, last night my dad was willing to meet me halfway to get them in the morning, but I think I can make it. Dad said the kids were fine but he was worried about his baby ( I told Matt I will just spoil them with a few prizes.

Last night was came into the hotel and basically crashed. The hotel is right across the street from the one I stayed in for the PTA conference so at least I feel somewhat familiar with my surroundings and getting around.

The hotel is nice, but man oh man is it expensive. The school is picking up the tab for the room, but whoa everything in it has a price. Mini bar with $2.00 can sodas, $3.50 for a KitKat...needless to say I will be making a run to target today for snacks. The theme seems to be Buffalo, there is a stuffed buffalo that has a tag that says "I am the Oklahoma Buffalo, take me home for $16.95". I dont ever recall Oklahoma being known for the Buffalo, but okay whatever.

Matt and I were hungry last night and spent WAY too much on a plate of cheese and fruit (unripe watermelon, and bad strawberries, but the cantelope and cheese was good). But we were hungry and didn't want to get out of the hotel after making it in.

Tonight we plan on dressing nice and going out to dinner. I am just bumming in the hotel this morning, then this afternoon may go do some shopping. I am hoping to get a little Christmas shopping done.

So we are here, I am having withdrawels from the kids, Matt is in the conference and I am using the expensive internet connection....only getting it for 24 hours I think...the hotels we usually stay at have free internet, not here $12.95 a I said nice hotel but everything is extra.

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

A New Love

I told hubby he has been replaced as the love of my life....replaced by a oh my what a donut.

I have always liked Krispy Kreme donuts, but today was my first taste of the donut of the month...a filled strawberry/cream donut....YUMMY.

I put all my groceries in the trunk and thought I want to try one of those donuts, well OH MY YUMMY! I ended up pulling over on the side of the interstate to get a 2nd one out of the was worth the risk of getting hit by an 18 wheeler (yes that good)!

So now 3 more of the original 6 are tempting me from the kitchen. Ahhh my new love.

Tuesday, August 23, 2005


Brittney: Is Daddy on crack?

Me: What?

Brittney: Dad said today was Monday, but it's Tuesday, isn't that crazy? Is he in on crack?

Me: Laughing because Matt is constantly saying "She/He is on crack" whenever someone does something stupid or crazy.

So I promptly came home from picking the kids up from school and asked Matt if he was on crack?

He said oh no she got that from me. I was like yep she sure did. So we had a talk about using words that can mean different things and that crack was a bad drug and that daddy just said it to mean people were doing something crazy.

I will still be laughing about that one for awhile though, and I bet Matt watches what he says for awhile too. I told him superintendent will get a phone call from the teachers about a school board member (hubby) being on crack.

Crack and drugs are not a funny thing but this particular interest of my 7 year old asking if her straight as an arrow and so not ever into that kind of thing really struck me as funny.

Monday, August 22, 2005

PTA Officially Begins

Tonight was our first PTA meeting.

This is my second year as president. Last year I was brand new I had been kind of drafted in to a meeting and nominated as president. But now I have a year behind me and have some knowledge of what to do.

We had a great turn out tonight in relation to turn out for last year. We had some meetings last year where we had only 8 total people. Tonight we had approximately 35 which was great.

But still sad that we have 45 members out of a school of 428 students.

Luckily I have dragged my close group of moms into PTA too. They got involved last year but this year they are even more involved.

I also got aggrivated because apparently PTA had offended a few teachers by offering an incentive to be a member. Whatever. The two or three that were griping about it have never joined PTA, never mentioned anything to anyone in PTA. This was brought to our attention by another teacher, but if you aren't going to get involved....quit griping.

So now have to get busy busy on PTA, lots to do getting ready for a silent auction and a booth at the town festival soon...lots to do...good thing because we know I am usually so bored with nothing to do...HAHA.

Painting plans

I just noticed this is my 101 post. My hubby started me on the blogging and it took me awhile to get into it, but now I am so hooked.

This weekend was nice, didn't do much which was the nice part about it.

Hubby and I will be traveling to Oklahoma City next weekend without the kids (I will be nervous, but they will be with my parents). Matt has a school board conference and wants me to tag along. It will be nice to get away the two of us.

When we get back the work will start. I want a lot of painting done.

Brittney has been begging for a bedroom makeover. In her words "It looks like a 5 year old lives in here".....(remember she is only 7)...but I am itching to make it over too. She wants the bright bold colors, and I think it will be a fun room when we are done. I will have to remember to post before and after shots.

I asked Braden what he wanted his room done in next he replied "I will just keep it just like it is" boy does not like change. So that is fine. He is like his daddy in that way, while Brittney and I like to change things and keep things different.

The living room and entry way will be getting a new coat of paint along with all the trim and baseboards. I am itching to do the kitchen but I dont want to get to far ahead of myself.

But remember I did get Matt that fancy power painter for our anniversary (I know I am so generous) so it should make the work for us (him) easier.

Friday, August 19, 2005

A break from the week..yeah

"Wedding Date" and "Who's There" are sitting on the kitchen table just waiting for the time to be watched....and that time is drawing near.

My parents called last night and wanted the children....I already had the bags packed and kids on the curb before I realized they were talking about Friday

Hubby and I are going to fix nachos (something the kids don't like well) and watch the movies.

Kids will get even more spoiled rotten at Nana and Papa's house and hubby and I get a break.
Sounds like a good plan to me.

This has been one of those weeks.

To sum it up quickly.....I broke a tooth, temporary crown put on tooth, friend of mine with a daughter in a wheelchair is suing the school district (which she should because what they are doing is awful), then Matt on school board, new school activities, PTA, work for the attorneys I work for, doctor appts with Braden, speech therapy, starting some new programs with Braden...and more.

The break sounds so good.

I hope the movies are good but if not I will look to hubby to entertain me:)

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Rain rain rain

No it's not raining water it is raining chaos.

Yesterday started with me at the law office attempting to do a few hours of work before I picked the kids up from school. In the door comes crazy SIL, saying she is leaving my BIL and that he got terminated from his job. They are both nuts. So ended up dealing with her most of the day, she went back to him but I figure this is just winding down to end their marriage. It has been rocky for sometime now. Anyway, my failure to be able to say sorry not my problem I have stuff to do always gets me into things. Ugh.

That was yesterday. Today I had the day all planned, I was suppose to watch my nephews for crazy SIL because she is having ANOTHER exploratory surgery because she keeps telling them she is having pain but they can find nothing wrong. But since BIL was out of work now I assumed he would watch them, well wrong assumption. But before they could come over FIL calls and needs taken to the hospital he has crohns disease and was having a flair up. Ugh so had to do that.

It's not just the inlaws my brother and his girlfriend have broken up again, he is not wanting to work.....dont I wish it was just an easy choice like that, ugh. My aunt is thinking of making a major change in her life and she is leaning on me.

Okay that is it, I quit being nice, next person wants me to do something I am going to tell them to go fly a kite......well it sounds good to say I will anyway, but I think my friends and hubby know me better than that. Chaos will continue to rain as I hate to not help when someone asks me. So maybe I can use a hot bath like an umbrella to keep the chaos from my mind for awhile...there's an idea.

Sunday, August 14, 2005

Extreme Makeover Home Edition

I have sat and cried tonight watching Extreme Makeover Home Edition.

I have always liked the show, but I have had this particular one on my calendar since June so I wouldn't forget.

It is a story that I myself have followed for 10 years. The story of missing Morgan Nick. It happened in the town we llive next to.

I remember the news that night when the little 6 year old went missing. I have seen the mom in WalMart wearing her pin with Morgan's picture on it. Everytime I take the kids to the doctor I see all the pics of Morgan as her pediatrician is the same one we use and they have a wall dedicated to her. So it is a story that I strongly feel a connection to.

We know several people who worked on the house so we have heard all about this since it happened in June (the 10 year anniversary of Morgan's disappearance). I watch and I see the town I know, the pain in Colleen (the mom).

It just breaks my heart. Morgan was 6 years old when she went missing. The Nick's were at a little league game and Morgan was playing 50 yards away catching fire flies. When she was kidnapped by a stranger.

The song Kathy Matea song had me crying. It makes you think about keeping your kids safe and trying all you can. I think back to the blog I wrote awhile back about the little 4 year old being left outside of WalMart grocery why his mom shopped. People must be made more aware.

Just wanted to share what a wonderful show this was. I hope that someday some closure is brought to the Nick family and the town. I hope that it makes parents take pictures of their kids, fingerprint them, and try their best to keep them safer. I know that sometimes things will happen no matter what but as parents we must do our best to make sure our children are watched.

Saturday, August 13, 2005


How many vertices does each shape have? How many sides?

(Triangle, Rectangle, and Circle)

This was the first question on Brittney's homework yesterday. Six pages of homework. First question I was like what the heck is a vertices. I had no clue.

Brittney had already answered the sides question but she didnt know what a vertices was either.

My guess was where a point was made, but I wasn't sure.

So to the dictionary I went......
(in mathematics) the point where two lines meet to form an angle, or the point that is opposite the base of a shape.

So I got my answer, but what does it say about the rest of the year that I had to dig out the dictionary on day one of second grade.

Friday, August 12, 2005

I resign

Open house was last night at the school. We had a PTA booth. It went well I bullied one of my friends into being in charge of membership. I definetly chose the right person she was great with the booth last night.

The kids got to meet their teachers they both got the ones we had requested so hopefully that will go well.

As for the title of this blog and my is in regards to hubby being on the school board. Ugh. Every problem last night a parent hunted me down, tell Matt this, or what do I need to do about this, or can I call Matt on his cell, or just telling me this or this. Ugh it was awful.

I am like okay Matt is on school board not me. So I told Matt I was resigning as a school board members wife. But somehow I dont see me getting away with this so I guess I will just keep nodding my head and saying uh huh. Then gripe to Matt about it later.

Count down is on for Matt to get back home...Sunday is the day.

Kids are starting school today. I have a 1st and 2nd grader now and it just doesnt feel like I should. Time has flown.

I will attempt to get them up and around in about an hour. I have threatened Braden if he doesn't take his medicine he will be going to school in his underwear. We shall see if my threat works, otherwise I will be loading him in the car in his underwear to drive home my point.

Brittney on the other hand is so ready to start school. Hopefully that attitude holds, if I can just get Braden to quit planning sore throats a week in advance.

Thursday, August 11, 2005


I miss my hubby. Good thing business trips are just every 3 months.

I feel like life is on fast forward this week.

School starts Friday. As PTA president I am working on open house that is tonight.

I had a meeting with the school yesterday setting up special things for Braden and his needs. I get so aggrivated Matt is on school board so the witchy principle kisses his butt, but with Matt out of town I get the hateful witchy attitude. Ugh aggrivates me to no end.

Braden asked yesterday when school started and I told him on Friday. His response was "I think I will have a sore throat on Friday".....oh boy it starts already this year.

Brittney on the other hand is counting the hours till she gets to go back to school.

Definetly have two sides of a coin with these two.

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Target Practice

Hubby left for his business trip this morning. I always clean like a mad woman while he is gone especially while he is flying. Gets my mind off of it I guess.

Anyway, he left this morning and the kids and I came home and I cleaned and cleaned. I scrubed the bathrooms and put a new 2000 flushes bleach thing in the toilet it attaches to the side.

I walked by the bathroom and I saw Braden in there just peeing away making such a mess he was peeing all over the side of the toilet. I was like what are you doing? He said "trying to hit that thing all over". I was like "why? that is to clean the potty". He looks at me and says "Oh I thought it was a target".

So needless to say I recleaned my bathroom and explained to Braden that it is not a target that I want him to hit the water inside the potty not anywhere else...we shall see if that works.

Monday, August 08, 2005

Back to Reality

We made it in from Oklahoma City yesterday afternoon, kids gave me hugs, kisses and promptly asked for their prizes.

Braden must have been wore out from his weekend with hubby and sissy because he was out by 6:30. I wasnt too far behind him. I was exhausted.

This morning had to run to the law office, where the secretary and attorney were at each others throats which made me quickly decide that this would be a day to just pick up my work and do it at home later. Ran errands to Home Depot and WalMart.

Came home to a phone call from crazy SIL needing me to watch the kids. I never do this but I did today, ugh I feel so bad for the kids. Poor Rye is 3 and I counted 10 rotted teeth. Ugh one of those situations that I just hate. Both boys were good for me. Crazy SIL and BIL picked them up a few hours later. Both SIL and BIL had went to ER for seperate pains that needed a shot and meds, I fear they are addicted, I just feel sorry for the kids.

Then Braden had speech, chiro, and footbath. Made dinner, tried to make key lime pie bars....of course I was trying to do too many things at once and flip flopped a direction but hopefully they will turn out.

So back to reality with tons of stuff to do and dont want to do any of it.

Saturday, August 06, 2005

Alternate Universe

I have to say this weekend in Oklahoma City is like being in a different world. I havent had to yell at the other two moms to quit fighting, I havent had to clean up after them (although part of me wants, I havent had to say look me in the eye and tell me the truth.

It has been fun, one more night and then back to reality. Tuesday hubby has to leave town for a week in PA so reality will really intrude. Kids start back to school Friday as well.

I havent got much sleep this weekend but lots of laughs and we even managed to learn a thing or two about PTA at the conference.

The hotel has improved it just seemed we got stuck with bad luck that first night.

The other moms are still sleeping so time to get them up and around.....I still have to do that even without the kids...Im the early bird and the other two are the kick out of bed and drag downstairs ones.

Thursday, August 04, 2005

Hotel Hell?

Too early to tell but so far this hotel is not getting 5 stars.

Even though our reservation clearly stated nonsmoking we were put in a smoking room.

Two trips downstairs before our key would work.

The toilet handle was hanging off, and toilet wouldn't flush.

No light bulb in the lamp.

Internet access $9.95 a day.

So far not ranking too high, but on the upside I have laughed and laughed. I currently have a glass of wine in my hand and am listening to the others.

Running Away

I am running's a planned runaway....I am leaving this evening with two other moms to attend a PTA conference in Oklahoma City. I will be gone 3 nights.

Yesterday Brittney was glued to my side. This morning it is Braden. They are not sure at all about mom leaving. They are used to dad having to attend business trips but not me.

I am getting a little more apprehensive about it too. I want to go for several reasons one actually being to help learn more to do better as PTA president this next year. The other reasons are selfish I have been really looking forward to hanging out with Adria and Christy, eating dinner, shopping on our off time, just some time away.

Now that the day is here and I know I am leaving this evening I am getting more and more apprehensive. I will miss the kids and hubby, I worry about something happening with Braden while I am gone, or Brittney getting upset, I worry about so many things....I am an obsessive person with planning, worrying or whatever it is so this trip has given me lots of areas to be an obsessive nut!

Off to finish packing, worrying, cleaning, worrying, getting things organized, and worrying some more before heading out this evening.

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

10:30 and no slumber

So far it is just a party no slumber to it.

We started with 14 I knew some were going to leave early. Had a few more unplanned calls to mom. Now we have 9. Braden and his little friend Noah fell asleep in Braden's room watching Pokemon movies. Brittney and her 7 giggly friends are still awake watching Princess Diaries II.

6 pizzas, a tub of cheeseballs, 2 packs of cookies, bag of gummy bears and more drinks than I can count have been consumed.

Flip flops were decorated and there were all kinds of combinations of colors and styles. I had bought balloons and bought bandanas and cut the bandanas in strips and then tied them in knots around flip flops. Some of the kids did some different combos and others did some really cute ones.

One mother kind of ticked me off and that kid wasnt one that Brittney really wanted anyway I had invited her because the kid kept asking me but then the kid was rude and mom was rude so she wont be getting another invite.

Just had a call and one left a doll and mom is having to come after it.

Oh the fun of slumber parties considering Brittney is only 7 and loves to do this at least 3 times a year I am thinking I still have several more to endure...oh joy...and I am sure my darling hubby who has been so wonderful helping tonight is really thinking oh joy...his patience is wearing.

Off to shush the kids.

Language Barrier

Apparently there is a language barrier between me and my kids. It occurs most often in early morning and most always when there is somewhere we need to be.

Why is this?

I say "Come on guys we have to leave in 15 minutes" they hear "Go ahead sit there and play with your food, and fiddle with the tablecloth".

Of course if I have nothing to do and we can stay home then they are up and dressing themselves without being asked, eating and so on. So this language barrier only pops up when I have something I have to get out of the house to go do.

I think it is a conspiracy.