Friday, November 11, 2005

Up Up and Away

Little History...Braden is having a procedure done next Thursday on his brain. I had mentioned to my friend Laurie (she just got out of the air force reserves) that Braden loves airplanes. She set up two special treats for us and we did the first one today. Brittney, Braden and I (Matt had a meeting he couldn't get out of) got to go up in an airplane for a city tour. Braden even got to take the controls which Brittney sweats is what made her stomach upset! Here are some pics from our adventures. Monday night is the next treat where Braden will be VIP at the airforce base for night flights, get to sit in the simulator and much more.

Braden and our pilot Laurie's friend Stephen whose call name is "Cletus"
Arieal view of the kids school
Arieal virew of our housing district we are in the top row thrid house from the left.
Brittney ready to take off
Braden in the co pilot seat
Braden ready to go.
Brittney and Braden before take off
Braden ready to go!


dakotablueeyes said...

Oh Keith would be sooo jealous!!!!!Glad you had fun

Zelda said...

They are so cute! I bet that was fun. I'm praying everything is ok with Braden.

kel said...

We just got home from being the VIP at the airforce base. I will have to post on it later. Braden hasnt even mentioned his upcoming surgery in days he has been too excited.