Saturday, December 31, 2005

2005 in Review

Matt- I think his hardest thing this year is realizing how much the kids are growing up. He has also stated several times this year that he is really beginning to feel old. He continues to grow in his job learning more. He has new goals in place for the year of 2006 for continued growth with the company. This year has found him taking on side projects such as learning more about natural medicine and even becoming a distributor for foot baths that clean the toxins out of your body. His resolutions for 2006 include becoming healthier and get more toned up.

Braden-2005 was a big year for him medically. We discovered more treatment options beyond the standard main medical we began more natural and chiropractic along with mainstream medical. This combination has made a lot of progress for him medically. He went through another surgery. He got glasses. He got a new bedroom no more animal room now we are Army/Airforce crazy. He got to fly an airplane, he got to be VIP at the airforce base. He started 1st grade. His speech continues to improve and he tested out of physical therapy! He lost his first tooth.

Brittney- My little girl has really grown up. I can see so many changes in her personality. She is reading everything and loves to read. She started 2nd grade. The boy craziness has hit hard (way too young). She got a new bedroom as well because she didnt want the baby pink bedroom anymore. Now she has a bright wild bedroom.
She has discovered she really likes basketball. Her dog Rascal was killed and it was so sad. She got a new puppy Nipper but still remembers and talks about Rascal a lot.

Me - I realize trying to remember what all or any of us have done the past year is harder than it should be. I was going to be creative like my friend Anne was on her blog and go month by month but there was no way I could remember something for each month.

As a family we traveled to Arizona for Braden's medical health and had some fun on the way. We visited the Grand Canyon. Matt and I celebrated our 10 year wedding anniversary this year. We started planning for our Disney vacation that will take place in 2006 and is bound to be a highlight of next years blog recap. We also traveled to Pennsylvania for a vacation/Matt's business trip. We got to see great sites and visit some friends from when we had lived there when Brittney was a baby. We got to see the Barnum and Baileys Circus. We went camping at Tulsa Zoo.

All in all it has been a busy year in many ways and I look forward to the coming year!


dakotablueeyes said...

Lots of good things have happened for everyone on your end. My month to month is being edited as I think of stuff that I didn't write down on my calander cause without that calendar nothing would be remembered lol

Middle_America said...

Do you have any reflections or New Years Resolutions?