Sunday, June 29, 2008

I don't think he is going to grow up to be a librarian

Discussing an upcoming home school field trip to the library with Brae.

Me: We are going to go to the library in August, wont that be neat to see how all the books are kept up with and all the behind the scene things.
Brae: Library? I would rather go to the doctor, or be hit with a ball in the face, or ran over by a car, or have to run a thousand miles anything but go to the library. bet a librarian is not his future career path.

I am a huge reader, Brae it is like pulling teeth (which would probably be better for him than me actually making him

Saturday, June 28, 2008

quick update

I finally finished up the birthday celebrating...LOL. The last of the loot was pulled in this morning..LOL. Hubby and I went out last night and spent my gift cards.

Today was time with friends. Adria and Erich came over and the girls beat the guys at 90's trivial pursuit. Not just beat but clobbered..LOL. Also set up blogs now Adria and her family each have blogs. Put hubby to work on blogs today. We also ate way way too much food. All in all a good day and a great end to a wonderful birthday week.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

The Celebration Continues

What a wonderful birthday I am having!
Today is the actual day and the kids and hubby are doing everything. Brae said "You do have to do one thing today, you have to drive us to bible school but then you don't have to do anything else". I got new clothes from hubby and kids and a subscription to a Runners Magazine that I have been buying.
Yesterday I was surprised at the swim party. Today I have lunch with 2 more friends. What great friends I have. Wonderful all of them I am so blessed.
I decided I didn't want to go out to dinner since basically I have been out to lunch every day this So hubby is making chicken enchiladas and all the trimmings it sounded so good so that is what I wanted.
Definetly having a very blessed birthday with all those that I love and think so much of.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Cake time again

Swim party at Stephanies again. Last week I asked the girls what kind of cake they wanted me to bring. They wanted a sandcastle. Well I had never done one or anything like it but I tried it. I think it turned out cute and I know the girls wont care about the flaws that I see. When I see them get all excited then I am happy.

Monday, June 23, 2008


Usually it is the kids that get to celebrate their birthdays all week but this week it is me. My birthday isn't until Thursday but the celebrating has begun!

I thought I was meeting my friend for lunch today and she had apparently got busy this morning and planned a bigger get together. I walked into the resteraunt and saw balloons tied to the chair, I didn't even notice how big the table was. My friend and her mom were sitting there and I was glad to see her mom as I never do so I was just visiting away. The waitress comes by and asks if we are waiting for everyone else before we order. That is when I noticed the 8 extra chairs..LOL. She got several of my friends together and one of the lawyers that I work for. My lawyer friend ended up bringing me roses and a little bonus as well as buying lunch for everyone. So what a surprise. My friend got me exactly what I had been wanting, and I got a gift card from another friend..lots of fun surprises. It was a wonderful time. I am definetly getting spoiled already this week and I know hubby and the kids are up to something...hmmmm...but I guess I have to wait till Thursday to find out what they are up to.

One of the balloons my friend had tied to my chair. I thought it was so cute. It says "It's Your Birthday Baby"...and then all over the balloon it says milk it milk it

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Patting on the back

Okay indulge me for a moment I am going to pat myself on the back.

I just ran 3 1/2 miles...ran not walked...ran. I am so excited that I finally did it. I have been working up steadily and last week I heard about a 5k in our area on July 3. I was wavering as before I have been doing a walk/run combo and it took me about 45 minutes to do 3 1/2 miles. This morning 37 minutes running...I know that is still turtle pace but oh wow the adrenaline is definitely pumping that I can do it. A month ago I was barely walking 1 mile. I understand the runner's high for sure. It is very addicting. Since January I have lost 28 pounds and can run 3 1/2 miles not bad for the first 6 months of a year. Okay I know I am patting myself on the back, I am still on my runner's high...LOL. This high will probably fall about the time I try to get out of bed in the morning as I know I pushed it pretty hard today. I still have a lot of work to do before July 3 5k but tomorrow is the deadline for entry and I am going to go ahead and do it. I would like to be at 33 minutes by then.

Also what does it say about me that I had to blog about how I did before I showered...LOL.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Because I was told to...

I am updating. Both hubby and Stephanie made a comment yesterday about how long it had been since I updated. That pesky life thing just gets in the way sometimes.

I wish I could convey how funny Brae is by words on this blog. It is just impossible. Britt came in the other day and said "Mom Brae made me laugh so hard I about peed my pants". I asked what he had done and her reply was "it wasn't anything really but it was just the way he said it"..yep that's my Brae. He keeps us in stitches. His newest thing is the kids were sitting around talking about our new pediatrician who is a woman. Britt said "There aren't a lot of women doctors" Brae said "That's cause they call them nurses" but just the way he said it cracked me up. The next day we are in the pool goofing off and Britt tells him to do something and he pipes up with "Like I am going to take orders from a woman" was so funny. Don't know where he picked up those things and he says them in a funny way so I am not concerned about him being a chauvanist or anything. He is just a funny kid his tone of voice etc just makes it.

Anyway got off subject there for a minute.

This week has not been overly blog worthy. We did have another swim party at Stephanie's yesterday. I made a fish cake. I needed something quick and simple that was still fun. I let the kids pick what they wanted me to do for next week and it is going to take a little more thought and creating.

Hubby got older on Monday, he is now 37! I think he had a good birthday. I wasn't overly thrilled with what we were able to do this year but he got the presents that he had hinted for and got a day with us so what more could he want..LOL.

Here is the cake I made for yesterday and a pic of Matt and the kids playing in the pool.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Weekend Wrap Up

Had a quiet moment so figured I better take advantage of it.

The kids have taken Matt to a movie for Father's Day. So I took advantage of the time and got some housecleaning done. Next is preparing the schedule for the week. Also looking for some good organizing ideas, we are thinking of doing some shifting around in our house. I really need a dedicated home school room unfortunately in this house this is going to be tricky and it is going to mean displacing hubby. Hubby's office is the only available room. We still plan to move but that is about 2-3 years off. So in the mean time we are going to get creative and organized to make more room out of what we have. We are throwing around a few ideas. Just need to think them out some more. I would be so excited to have a room though.

Yesterday we had our dads over for dinner along with my mom, aunt and uncle. It was a fun time. My brother came over for the last time we will see him for a while and played with the kids so they enjoyed their uncle swimming in the pool with them.

This week is looking semi busy especially at the first of the week. Looking forward to another pool time at Stephanie's on Wednesday. I just love her girls and they like me making fun stuff so I have come up with about 4 different ideas that I think they would like. Going to have to make something to take when we go over on Wednesday.

Well instead of rambling on I should really get to preparing for the week.

But before I get busy, Happy Father's Day Matt! I love you! The kids are very lucky. I thought it was very telling in church this morning when the pastor was talking about how the average deep conversation between father and child is less than a minute a day and other sad statistics and Britt said "Wow that isn't like our family". You should be very proud I know I am proud of what a wonderful dad you are.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Pool Party Fun!

Went to Stephanie's today for a pool party it was fun. I made a quick cake to take. We are doing it again next week so I have to come up with something fun to make again. We had to go and get the flower pool float at Big Lots as the kids just loved it. I was in luck that they still had them.

Friday, June 06, 2008

A very large pile of papers

This is a snapshot of the last two years of Braden's medical records. It measures over 4 inches high. Just two years. Trying to get it all organized for Austin, plus going to see a new local pediatrician this week. That was a chore in itself as most pediatrics offices I called were fine with seeing Britt, but to quote one "we don't really accept new sick patients"...hmmm interesting and very aggravating. Anyway finally found one I think we will like I explained to her that we have experts for everything but we simply need someone local for forms, and for colds, etc. As for Austin so much still to prepare and I am not sure how it is going to work out yet but I am trusting that it will.

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

He knew when to stop talking

I called Brae into the bedroom after finding his closet a complete mess with clothes from the last few days that he was suppose to have put away.

Me: "Brae is there a chore that you have not been doing your best at?"

Brae: (sighing) "Yes the dogs"

Me: "No that wasn't what I was talking about".

Brae: (sighing) "I know I haven't been cleaning my room good"

Me: "Well that wasn't what I was going to talk to you about"

Brae: "Mom I am going to quit telling you things now and you just tell me which one you mean".

Wow Contest

Rocks in My Dryer has a GREAT contest going...20 winners! It is for a great cd pack...really great Wow A set of cd's of the most wonderful Christian Artists!

Monday, June 02, 2008

Because we didn't have enough

Adding another doctor to the mix. Ugh. I am glad and thankful that we are being led where we need to go but I am so overwhelmed and frustrated. We have now added a NEW third doctor to the mix, and may be adding another therapist soon as a new therapy was recommended today. These are just new docs to the already large amount of docs we have on his case.

Just so much to take in. But we have to do something things are going down and we have to try some different things.

So now I am trying to get everything together for this new doctor. He already scored high in my book, whenever a doctor calls me himself I always give him extra points. We haven't physically seen him yet but he is already making recommendations and requesting more information. So we shall see where this leads. We know we will be going to Austin end of July, we don't know how long we will be staying there!

Sunday, June 01, 2008

Weekend Wrap Up

Storms and camping are not fun. We left a little early this morning. Glad we did as storms got worse. I did do my 3 miles this morning at the campgrounds it was nice but a lot more hills than my little neighborhood. Also here I do laps as I have measured off how long for a mile, well there I went to one point and then back I realize I like having shorter more measurable points on my run.

Brae had a little bit of a melt down which was the reason we ended up leaving a little early. I am coming up with better ways to deal with things. I had a little conflict with my mother on how we handled it but they are just going to have to understand sometimes issues with Brae have to be handled different.

Going to be a busy upcoming week as friends are in from Texas. So busy but fun as her kids are same ages as mine. Her daughter has health issues as well so it is always nice to talk too. She also does the gluten free diet which we are pursuing with Brae so it will be nice to have her to bounce things off of.

Update on the speech insurance issue is they have denied us again, so we are having to cut back to one day a week and do yet another appeal. Ugh so frustrating I have heard lots of people complaining about United Healthcare as well. Hopefully hubby's company won't use them next year.

Lots to do to get ready for the week and all I want to do is sit around and do nothing.