Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Vinyl Record Craft

The kids and I were watching Trading Spaces Boys vs. Girls the other day and they did the neatest thing with vinyl records. So of course the next day when we were at a yard sale and saw records 5 for $1 we had to buy some. We made fun bowls. Easy easy and kids loved it. Heat the oven to 400 make sure your oven is heated before you start because that way it happens quickly and my kids just set at the oven door and watched it happen. You can use any kind of oven safe bakeware we used bowls, casserole dishes and whatever we could find. Just place the record on top of the bowl as shown in the pic below and stick it in the oven. When it is melted around the bowl you just take it out. Now is when you can make the shape different using a hot pad if you hold the bottom tight around the bowl as the vinyl hardens (it does it very quickly) you will get a tighter bowl, take the record right off and you get a floppy flower design. The kids are going to spray paint a couple of them below are some pics including the last one in use already in the school room.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Brae Funny

I have been really working with Braden on getting a good attitude about school and how important it is. We have a tax place locally where there is always someone dressed like Uncle Sam or Statue of Liberty out dancing in the front. The other day we passed it I told Braden see that is why it is important to stay in school and take school serious because look how hot and miserable he is out there. Now I wasn't meaning anything personal about the person working I was just making a generalization to put into place the importance of higher education anyway that evening we come home.

I hear mom mom come here. I go into the living room and Brae is standing there with 1 arm in the air. I am like what are you doing...his response....practicing...yep he was practicing his statue of liberty pose...so much for that making him want to take school more serious.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

One Room Schoolhouse - 1905

Here are just a few pics from our day at the One Room Schoolhouse that was just a few hours from us. It was so interesting and fun. The kids dressed in theme when we got into the classroom it said April 1905 on the board and the fun began! They did spelling, reading, etc just like they did back then with all the grades K-6th in one room. They played old fashioned toys at recess and ate their lunches out of baskets and pails. I don't know why the font was underlined and now it isn't and I don't know why it wouldn't let me put all my pics on here. But I put lots on flickr that you can see by clicking the box on the right.