Saturday, August 27, 2005

Do I normally look that bad?

317 times

That is how many times hubby made a comment last night such as "You look good", "Wow you look great", on and on.

Matt and I were going out to a nice dinner and to walk around and I had some extra time to get ready since he was in the seminar.

I did take some extra time last night and wear and outfit that was a great departure from my OU Sooners Tshirt, jean shorts and flip flops but still, I started wondering gosh how bad do I normally look to rate all this attention. But I did enjoy the attention...immensly.


dakotablueeyes said...

Or is he really not looking at you when you are home. lol He could be buttering you up cause the kids aren't there. haha Bruce never seems to notice unless I do something different. So maybe they need that to open their eyes once in a while lol.

Jody said...

Men they just don't get it I think. I bet he thinks you are beautiful all the time but when you are dressed up it enhances it even more and that's when he decides to make a comment LOL. I have a skillet if you want to borrow it?LOL!!!

Middle_America said...

Such harshness ladies. I already commented in a earlier blog entry that my wife looked exceptionally good.

Perhaps, it's me not telling her enough.

manababies said...

Well I'll admit that I don't try hard enough, hehe. At least lately I do make it a point to put makeup on every day and try to do my hair. Although "doing my hair" usually entails putting stuff in it and eventually having it all up in a pony tail. :)