Sunday, September 25, 2005

Knights and Rock Stars

I am a planner (or obsessive complusive if my husband was telling the story..LOL).

I have been worrying Halloween was next month we had to decide on costumes.

Brittney wants to be a Rock Star, I can handle that, been picking up ultra funky stuff here and there.

Braden is my child that I know I will contribute my gray hairs too. Braden is the complete opposite personality of my planning, he is SO laid back. I was like what about a pirate, "I'll think about it", well think harder we are at the Disney store now. No moving him forward. So onward we shopped.

Well my son is just too smart, because we entered a toy store we had never been to and there it was the perfect costume. It was a Knight (he loves castles and knights). It is so neat with light weight black material covered with a silvery mesh, it is not one piece which is a must when a 6 year old wears it to school and must go to the potty. It is just so cute. I will have to post pics closer to time.

So I guess I am glad my son isnt as obsessive as his mom otherwise we would have been boring Captian Hook but now we are an ultra cool Knight!


Nixon Casablanca said...

I rarely, if ever, got the "store bought" costume. One year, mom made me a Spiderman costume using a red sweatshirt, a red ski mask, and a blue Sharpie. Twelve other kids all had the store-bought Spidey suit and I was teased mercilessly.

In high school, I made my own Wizard costume for the school day, then that evening, for the school halloween dance, I went as Maj. Steve Trevor (trusty male companion of Wonder Woman.)

Only one teacher actually got it, and none of the kids did.

But yeah, pretty much every year my costumes sucked. You're such a cool mom for actually buying him one.

kel said...

I have made costumes in the past mostly because Braden has chosen off the wall things (birds, skunks) but the skunk costume was absolutely adorable made. I love any fun time I can make stuff or do are fun....when they arent making me pull my hair

Jody said...

Glad he got the perfect custome. I still have to get my kids some LOL. Yep we aren't very planned either LOL. Last year Chord was a Power Ranger and Jarod was Buzz Lightyear(buzz is his nicknmae too LOL) I am having a feeling they will both want to be power rangers (why oh why did they have to find that show to like LOL)

dakotablueeyes said...

Keith is easy, he's going to be spider man already has his costume that mom and dad picked up from a garage sale. Kaylie wants to be a princess again. Every year she wants to be a princess. Luckily I can bun her hair, put her in an oversized pink mini ballgown, also from a garage sale and wahlah princess kaylie.

byHisgrace said...

Oh, Kelli, I can so relate to the "planner" in you :-) And we still have no costumes for this year either!! YIKES...I seriously can't sleep at night...yes, it's that bad,LOL. For the past 3 years I've had superheroes Batman and Robin....last year Catgirl arrived on the team to help them out :-) This year.....I haven't a clue as to what they want!!!