Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Rain rain rain

No it's not raining water it is raining chaos.

Yesterday started with me at the law office attempting to do a few hours of work before I picked the kids up from school. In the door comes crazy SIL, saying she is leaving my BIL and that he got terminated from his job. They are both nuts. So ended up dealing with her most of the day, she went back to him but I figure this is just winding down to end their marriage. It has been rocky for sometime now. Anyway, my failure to be able to say sorry not my problem I have stuff to do always gets me into things. Ugh.

That was yesterday. Today I had the day all planned, I was suppose to watch my nephews for crazy SIL because she is having ANOTHER exploratory surgery because she keeps telling them she is having pain but they can find nothing wrong. But since BIL was out of work now I assumed he would watch them, well wrong assumption. But before they could come over FIL calls and needs taken to the hospital he has crohns disease and was having a flair up. Ugh so had to do that.

It's not just the inlaws my brother and his girlfriend have broken up again, he is not wanting to work.....dont I wish it was just an easy choice like that, ugh. My aunt is thinking of making a major change in her life and she is leaning on me.

Okay that is it, I quit being nice, next person wants me to do something I am going to tell them to go fly a kite......well it sounds good to say I will anyway, but I think my friends and hubby know me better than that. Chaos will continue to rain as I hate to not help when someone asks me. So maybe I can use a hot bath like an umbrella to keep the chaos from my mind for awhile...there's an idea.


Jody said...

You sound so much like me LOL. People are always coming for me to help because they know I will. Must be the mom in us LOL. I hope you got to escape for a little while!!

dakotablueeyes said...

Kelli, repeat after me "NOT MY PROBLEM" say it again now. lol You are just too nice and those around you know you won't tell them no. Hope you have an easier day today though

kel said...

I know I have to get the "Not my problem" down. One of my friends says I need the word NO tatooted on my forehead. Today I had a tooth break, so this week is not starting well at all.

byHisgrace said...

I posted something just for you today,LOL!!