Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Wordless Wednesday

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

I'm surrounded

I'm surrounded by mounds and mounds of laundry, souveniers, clothes, suitcases, toys and more.

At least we are home.

We hit some amazing outlet malls on the way home and got some very very good deals. Now finding a place for everything.

Guess my short break is over I am afraid if I leave the piles too long they will multiply even more.

Saturday, May 27, 2006

On our way back home

This morning we checked out of our Disney Resort. We headed to Gatorland...yes that is a real gator my kids are sitting on...the mouth is taped shut and the trainer is right with them. We then went to an outlet mall I got some good deals and even started on my Christmas Shopping!..LOL. We only made it about an hour out of Orlando so we wont make it home until Monday night probably and maybe even Tuesday morning we will just see we are definetly not going to rush it.

Here are some pics and of course more are in Flickr.

Friday, May 26, 2006

Braden's Favorite Time....

Thursday, May 25, 2006

More fun

Still having fun and loaded more pics on Flickr. I am going to go into more detail on all the rides and some tips I have picked up later but right now just time for pics.

Sunday, May 21, 2006

And yet again more Disney

Here are a few of todays Disney pics and of course tons more in Flickr. A really cool ride today was Soarin it was so neat. We at with Winnie the Pooh and friends tonight. Going to be out early in the morning....and Tuesday is swimming with the Dolphins at Discovery Cove.

Having a Goofy Good Time

Lots more pics in Flickr including the parade yesterday. Braden was thrilled he got to see the Power Rangers and we will see them again on Friday.

Saturday, May 20, 2006

1st day at Disney

The kids in their official mickey ears. Braden wanted Stitch...he also had to get a stitch laser gun too.

The serpent behind Matt and the kids is completely made out of legos.

At the resort hotel it is Pop Century and so far I am impressed with it. Rooms are small but the theme is neat and the service is really good. And surprise they have internet access it costs though so I wont be using it all the time but still nice to have.

Lots more pics in Flickr.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

BEACH FUN!!!!!!!!

On the road again

We left out at 3:30 yesterday morning. It was a long day...luckily I have no problems sleeping in the van..LOL...sad thing is the kids stayed awake all day not me I dozed off two seperate times. I drove a little (not while I was dozing) but mostly Matt.

We crossed Arkansas, went through the corner of Tennessee, Mississippi, Alabama and are currently in the middle of Georgia. Next stop Florida. We hope to be at the beach by noon.

The hotel we have reservations for at the beach has internet too so I should be able to update before we go to the Disney hotel that is archaic and doesnt have in room interenet access (the nerve..LOL).

I think Braden summed it up yesterday morning. He got up and he said "Mom I am so tired I am going to sit and pee like a girl because I cant stay awake to stand up to pee" was so funny.

We got a good nights sleep and are about to head out. I only took one pic yesterday when we crossed into Alabama. The rest of the signs were at inopportune times or too busy traffic. The amount of wrecks we have seen are scary.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

We're Outta Here....Almost

Van is packed, and I am ready to hit the road. We wont be leaving until 4am but I am so ready.

We will be taking a laptop but wont have access except at the very beginning and end of the vacation. I will upload pics when I get a chance. I am sure there will be lots and lots of pics.

The itenirary is: Drive and drive some more, Beach time, Disney time, Orlando time, and drive back home. We wont be back home till the 30th!

Now the computer is getting shut off and last minute packing will be finished up.

Yeah after a year of planning it is here!

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Happy Mothers Day

Happy Mothers Day!!!

I started my mothers day VERY early. Brittney was waking up her daddy before 6am to get him to help her with breakfast. Braden crawled into bed with me complaining that sissy wouldn't let him sleep in.

I got a wonderful breakfast in bed. Beautiful cards, a cd I wanted along with a cool mug Braden made in class for me, and a certificate Brittney made on the computer. The kids did a program for me and Matt video taped it, they wrote their own songs to sing and Brittney also did in my mothers eyes on her karaoke machine.

Matt was in the dog house yesterday. My wonderful mothers day present that I was so proud of (My pink razor phone)...well hubby was up late watching a movie Friday night and spilled red wine on my phone and didnt notice it...well my beautiful phone is no longer working. He has promised to take care of it in the morning so I let him out of the dog house in the spirit of Mothers Day!

Happy Mothers Day to all the moms!

On a side note we are all packed for Disney (we leave Wednesday!..can't wait)

Friday, May 12, 2006

We had fun

Skipping out on the school sponsored field trip was a good idea. We had lots of fun. From what I hear from the parents that did go on the school field trip it was awful.

The girls and I went shopping, manicures, pedicures, lunch at Olive Garden, more shopping and back home.

The girls posing before going into the beauty college for their manicures and pedicures.

The girls at the beauty college just after getting their toes done.

Our pretty toes.

Skipping out

Today is second grade class field trip.

They are taking 97 second graders to Chuckee Cheese at 9am this morning and then going to a historic courthouse. Needless to say this does not sound like too much fun so I proposed a different idea....

So the new fun field trip involves Britt, her friend Brinnlee, and another mom.

The agenda...
Pedicures, manicures at the beauty college
Lunch at Olive Garden
Making bath lotions at Bath Junkie
And some shopping at the mall

Sounds like a much better field trip to me...and since both of us are pulling our kids from the school system next school year we could care less. Add to that the fact that two of the teachers going on the field trip are the ones that caused so much trouble for us in PTA and I am so glad we are not going on their trip. Not to mention I just had to endure Chuckee Cheese a few weekends ago and again on Wednesday with Braden's first grade field trip.

So I am off for my girls day!

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

2nd post of the day but it couldnt wait

Hubby just gave me my mothers day present a little early....I got what I wanted and was so excited....a Pink Razor Cell is so cool now I just have to figure it all out. Happy mothers day to me a few days early!

Birthday Party Pics

We were in the Dragon room at Laser Quest which worked great with the Power Ranger Mystic Force Theme.

Mid week

This time next week we will be on our way to Florida and Disney. I hope to get the rest of the packing done this weekend.

Last night Matt and I attended the parents homeschool group meeting. It sounds like a lot of fun and they have a lot of activities available for the kids. Sinking in that we are really going to do this.

Today is a field trip with Braden's class. I am not overjoyed about it because all my friends are moms in Brittney's hoo for me I don't know who I will set by...LOL. They were suppose to go to a farm and pick strawberries before heading to Chuckee Cheese but with bad weather and lots of rain I really don't see the strawberry thing happenning.

Monday, May 08, 2006

Weekend Wrap...a little late

Better late than never....

Friday afternoon we left for Tulsa to stay with my Aunt and experience the chaotic fun that is Incredible Pizza for Braden's 7th birthday. If you have never been to an Incredible Pizza they are really neat and much much bigger and better than Chuckee Cheese which is what we normally would go to. We bowled...I WON which I love to brag about...we can leave out the fact that it was only by 1 point because the fact is I WON doesnt matter by how much...LOL. The kids and Hubby raced cars, did bumper cars, and I played games to win the kids tickets (it was for the kids..I swear).

Saturday morning was a cluster getting ready for Braden's party and talking to the ones that were driving the two hours to attend. The cake had his name spelled wrong so that took a few minutes to correct but it didn't look bad after they fixed it. The party was held at Laser Quest and I even got in and played the second game. I can now say I have done it and I can also say I dont have much of a desire to do it again. But everyone had fun and Braden was spoiled ROTTEN.

Sunday we cleaned out the vehicles, garage and just got some general stuff done. Making the to do list for the 9 days before we go to Disney.

Monday started the week at a run and I dont see it slowing down anytime soon.

Friday, May 05, 2006

He's 7!

You came to us 13 weeks early. You have been a joy, we love you. We have watched heartbroken as you went through illness, we have been overjoyed as we watched you be strong and brave. You make us laugh as you try to get out of doing things. You are a joy and a bright spot. Happy 7th birthday Braden. We love you to the moon and back.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Too too busy

Someone has hit fast forward on my life and I am struggling to keep up.

It is just nuts. Work is nuttier than normal seems the different attorneys I work for doing freelance have all decided to become extra demanding and irritating at the same time. School year is coming to a close so more demanding there. Braden's birthday is Friday yet more time demands planning classroom party and his birthday party on Saturday. We leave for Disney in 13 days so busy busy there.

Ugh just while trying to post I have had 3 different phone calls from attorneys.

Tonight going to do some more disney planning.

I have my cell phone ringer which is "Redneck Woman" by Gretchen Wilson playing over and over again because it has rang so much.

Hopefully I can push the pause button soon if not I will definetly be pausing in 13 days while we are in Florida no cell phone and no internet (that may kill me but maybe I will be so busy having fun I wont notice).

Monday, May 01, 2006

Wouldnt have been a get together without a scene

Saturday was a get together with the inlaws. We knew none of them would make the effort to go to Braden's birthday party so we set up a mini party celebrating Braden's birthday and our nephew Ryan whose birthday is 2 days before Braden's.
We decided on a 9am trip to Chuckee Cheese. I picked the place Crazy SIL picked the time and then they were about 45 minutes late.

The get together was going off just fine...until....the present time.

MIL...which by the way it is about killing me to defend MIL...but this time I have to. MIL got out her presents for the kids she gave both Ryan and Braden $20.00 plus a small present. Then according to Crazy SIL she committed the most henious crime ever.....she gave the other two kids Brittney and Ryan's little brother Sammy who is only 2 a present.

No big deal right....well Crazy SIL went off. She just got all pissed off with all the how dare she give the other kids a present when it wasnt their birthday and on and on. It was a mess, then Crazy went off on Matt's brother for not telling his mother off about the gifts.

Luckily the kids were so distracted with Chuckee Cheese games they went off right after they got their loot and didn't witness the scene.

It just reaffirms why I am so glad that we basically see the inlaws 3 times a year.