Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Doesnt she watch the news...

The kids had a play date today. We met for a picnic at the park. The park is a large one with 4 different play areas, woods, train track and a walking trail around it all.

My friend Terri and I were watching the kids as we heard the mom say "Okay Sara watch your brother". The mom then proceeded to leave the park she left the two kids Sara looked about 3 maybe 4 years old and the brother was in a diaper and wasnt walking well but was walking I would guess about 15 months.

Off the mom goes walking around the track. There are several areas on the trial you cant even see the play areas. We were stunned.

We stayed for about 20 more minutes and the entire time the kids were left alone. The baby got very cranky and was crying the girl just played in the sand. Another set of moms were there as well and I heard them talking about calling the cops, but as we were debating on leaving the mom got done with her walk and retrieved the kids.

What kind of mother would do this? Does she not watch the news? It would have been so easy for anyone to just grab those kids. Add to this there is construction going on in the area, a salvation army close, and a blood plasma center. Just several aspects that make a mom even more watchful.


manababies said...

What?! I'm in shock. I can't even leave my 4 year old with my 18 month old while I run upstairs to switch out the laundry. What more to OUTSIDE?! I bet the mom was confident that you other moms would keep a watchful eye. That is so bad!

Matt Wisner said...

I would have turnded her in! I can't tell you how many people I have turned in for not having their little ones in a car seat. That is just wrong if she wants to go walk she needs to find someone to watch the kids.

dakotablueeyes said...

You should have called the cops anyway. I cannot believe people. I mean yes we are all more paranoid than we need to be sometimes but it keeps our kids safer I think. My kids don't go out of my site. If we are out and one walks around the house I am yelling, I can't see you get back here.