Thursday, May 19, 2011

Catching Up/Keeping Up

Update blog has now been on the to do list for 3 weeks figured I needed to do that.

I use to be so good at blogging I have just gotten out of the habit but I intend to get back into it.

Right now getting ready for our big family vacation going to go with our good friends the Sweets on a 5 day Disney cruise. This will be our second cruise but new ship (The Dream) and with our friends we are looking so forward to it! I plan on posting some of my cost saving tips and planning tips (after we get back to crazy before!).

All in all things are well here hubby is traveling SO much right now with work but thankful that he has a good job so I am okay with that (or I try to be okay with it). Working on what curriculum I am going to use for home school next year I know the summer will fly by so want to be somewhat ready.

Well that is my catch up post for now...vacation pics will probably be the next update and then hopefully back into blogging more regularly.