Sunday, December 11, 2005


It was going to be a thankful and grateful Christmas but a little slim on physical things.

Then I received a Christmas bonus that was unexpected. I did the grown up thing and paid some on bills, but after that I have guessed it....OVERBOARD.

Oh well, I love doing it and I am excited.

I bought the neatest thing for Brittney today, she had been wanting a video camera. Well no way for an 8 year old. Well a friend of mine told me about the new VCam for kids. A digital videorecorder/camera made and geared for kids. It was $78 and is suppose to be pretty indestructible. The best thing I know Brittney will think it is the greatest thing ever.

So yes we have went a little overboard, but I love it and am so grateful I can do it. As for Braden his big gift is a First Act Electric Guitar (oh my ears).

As for hubby...I got some cool things too....but I wont tell them here...(LOL I know you were hoping sweetie but I am smarter than that).

So overboard I will go on decorating, on presents, on food and on the wonderful spirit of Christmas!


dakotablueeyes said...

lol you sound like me the spirit of christmas and giving has hit me hard this year. hubs and I both said no gifts to each other but I am so wanting to find him something. lol.

Jody said...

LOL you go for it. We would have had a good amount for Christmas but then our car decided to need worked on so that took a lot for us to fix but we are doing ok. I love to give myself though so I know the feeling LOL!!

Middle_America said...

Oh you can tell your readers what you bought your hubby. I won't tell anyone. ; )