Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Meet Our New Addition

The name has changed about 10 times this weekend, but this is our new baby. 2 pound ball of fluff.

Started with Rover, then went to Fuzz, then Fluffy and now it is Nipper, I think Nipper will stick. Of course hubby is calling it "worthless" but the kids and I out vote him.

Of course at 2am the night before it was "The Puppy"...when Brittney came in our bed saying "That new puppy took a dump in my bed"...it was not what mom and dad wanted woke up to at 2am, but the way she said it was actually quite funny. But then he did great one night with the pads right by the bed and Brittney just set him down and he went and Brittney lifted him back up and they both went back to sleep. It would be easier to train him using the crate method I think but I hate to take that sleeping with her puppy away from Brittney.

So now potty training has started for new puppy and I went and got all the "baby" stuff today too.


dakotablueeyes said...

Kaylie actually thought it was a stuffed puppy lol

Matt Wisner said...

sweet... dogs are the best!