Monday, August 22, 2005

Painting plans

I just noticed this is my 101 post. My hubby started me on the blogging and it took me awhile to get into it, but now I am so hooked.

This weekend was nice, didn't do much which was the nice part about it.

Hubby and I will be traveling to Oklahoma City next weekend without the kids (I will be nervous, but they will be with my parents). Matt has a school board conference and wants me to tag along. It will be nice to get away the two of us.

When we get back the work will start. I want a lot of painting done.

Brittney has been begging for a bedroom makeover. In her words "It looks like a 5 year old lives in here".....(remember she is only 7)...but I am itching to make it over too. She wants the bright bold colors, and I think it will be a fun room when we are done. I will have to remember to post before and after shots.

I asked Braden what he wanted his room done in next he replied "I will just keep it just like it is" boy does not like change. So that is fine. He is like his daddy in that way, while Brittney and I like to change things and keep things different.

The living room and entry way will be getting a new coat of paint along with all the trim and baseboards. I am itching to do the kitchen but I dont want to get to far ahead of myself.

But remember I did get Matt that fancy power painter for our anniversary (I know I am so generous) so it should make the work for us (him) easier.


Jody said...

Have fun when you get to go away for a bit!! Kids will be fine. I am the same way though LOL. It's weird you want to get away without the kids but then when you do you miss them. Go figure huh? LOL!! Sounds like fun redoing your daughter's room. I love to change things around too but hubby doesn't like change much LOL. Have fun redoing the room/rooms when you can!!!

dakotablueeyes said...

come and paint kaylie's room too Kellie. lol