Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Playstation mania spreads

My hubby is a playstation addict, and both my kids love it. Me I dont see the point or the attraction. They can have a blast jumping around while they are playing, I like watching them but am not one to get involved in a game.

I am going to blame it on boredom of being in Arizona for the 4th week....but now I am so hooked.

It started out innocent I swear I was just trying to open up some multiplayer games for the kids. See they got Frogger adventure so they could play together but the multiplayer games have to be opened by playing the 1 player storyboard. So I had to help them out. Of course I have no idea how many multiplayer games have opened up because I am too addicted to playing the game to stop and check.

I never thought I would get caught up in it but I am. I doubt it will last once we get back home but for now I am having fun telling my kids "in a minute" and "let me get through this level".

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

4 Walls

When we first arrived in Arizona for Braden's 5 week treatment plan the hotel room was small but okay. After 2 1/2 weeks I swears the walls are shrinking in on us.

I love my hubby and kids dearly, but 24/7 is getting too me. I am grateful that Matt's job allows him to work basically anywhere high speed internet is. But, I am either taking the kids out of the hotel so he can work without having to hush us while he is on a conference call, or I am taking Braden to clinic, or all of us are getting out in the evening. Basically 24/7 togetherness. I love parts of it but I am not afraid to admit I need some ME time.

Matt would watch them and let me run to look around a store or something but being so far from home I am not 100% comfortable off by myself. Silly but I feel better exploring even if it is just the kids with me rather than me by myself. The kids and I are having fun when it isn't clinic days, and this whole thing has brought Matt and I closer in ways, but still these 4 walls are really starting to get to me.

A lot of it is I am homesick I want my house, my friends, my dog and the ability to say hey I am running so and so be back in an hour, or even the ability to go into the bedroom and SHUT the door (something I can't do here) and just be with me.

Saturday, May 21, 2005

Tooth Fairy Part Two

As I posted before my husband had forgot to put the money under my daughters pillow and she woke up in tears.

Well...Yesterday my son lost his first tooth. Which makes me feel all kinds of things because my kids are growing up too fast. Anyway, he lost his tooth so I put it in an envelope with a nice letter to the tooth fairy to please leave the tooth so that I could put it in his scrapbook. My kids are amazed that the tooth fairy will read my notes and leave the teeth for me to save. They think mom is so cool for that..lol.

I fall asleep much faster than anyone else especially since being here in Arizona in the hotel. Well last night I told hubby this is your chance to redeem yourself I put the $3.00 folded up in the side of my purse and he was going to put it under Braden's pillow. I said dont forget...I was met with "I wont forget" and "I know I know" when being reminded...so off to sleep I went.

I wake up to "Mommy the tooth fairy forgot me"...AHHH NOT AGAIN...I gave my hubby a punch in the side and got up to weave my tale of getting up and going to the bathroom in the middle of the night and seeing money laying on the island. I then went on about since it was a fold out couch I bet the tooth fairy couldnt get over there very good and that is why the tooth fairy left the money on the counter. I moved my purse (while slipping the money out of the side pocket without being seen) and was like here it is I knew I saw it when I got up last night.

So that appeased them and they are happy and still believing in the tooth fairy and my husband is so fired...I will either have to stay up or get up in the middle of the night from now on.

On another note regarding the tooth fairy I think $3.00 is VERY good for the tooth fairy but my daughter says we have a cheap tooth fairy. After asking other parents it looks like the prices range from $1.00 clear up to $45.00....I was like $45 for a tooth no way. So the tooth fairy did make the visit last night and my son is happy and so cute with his first missing tooth.

Thursday, May 19, 2005

A cool find here in Arizona

Last time we were in Arizona we went to the Pheonix Zoo and we were not that impressed. It was priced high and just wasn't that great to us. Well this trip I had been searching the internet for fun inexpensive things to do and I found a site for a zoo about 30 minutes away that was called the World Wildlife Zoo. It was reasonable gate entry and free parking. I wasn't expecting much but I took the kids today.

It was the neatest Zoo I have been too. I was so impressed. The kids and I got there it wasn't crowded. They had the standard carousel and the kids did that first off. Then we headed to the exhibits they were so neat. It was a very interactive zoo. We rode the sky tram over the zoo exhibits. The train actually went through some of the exhibits. There was a boat ride that was way too hot to be on but still a neat experience. There was a show with reptiles and the coolest thing for the kids they got to feed giraffes. I took lots of pics of course I like zoos but have to say that most of the time I am like okay lets go, this time I was just going around like the kids saying "cool cool cool".

The thing about the zoo is it doesn't seem to be very widely advertised, I had really searched things before I found it. Thank goodness for the internet and the really cool find that led to a really fun time with the kids. Braden had not had a good day yesterday and needed something fun as did Brittney and we certainly had a fun away from clinic day.

Sunday, May 15, 2005

Sneakin it in...

The most difficult part of having a 4 wall hotel room for 5 weeks in Arizona. Kids are in the foldout couch directly in front of our bed...so if they arent really good and asleep then there is no speacial "Mommy and Daddy time".

It is pretty bad. They seem to stay up late (I am not a night owl so I am usually crashing before or right when they do), they get up early (I am a morning person so love to sneak in that "Mommy and Daddy time" then.

This morning we did sneak in a little time for "Daddy"...HAHA. Just no fun for "Mommy".

I am determined to out last them soon and stay up late. That worked one night last week. I am not used to this I am used to putting them in their beds they watch a movie and fall out and we get our "Mommy and Daddy time". So if I am crankier than usual this will be my excuse...I am not getting near enough lovin time!

Friday, May 13, 2005

Getting caught up in Kim and Ron's lives

I remember watching Pretty Woman and movies that were rated above a PG.

Those days seem to be gone. Especially since we are in this hotel room for 5 weeks. One TV...I have no idea what is happening on the Bachelor, or Dog the Bounty Hunter since I dont want the kids watching those shows.

Back to watching movies rated above a PG....To watch those I have to stay up later than the kids and I just cant seem to keep my eyes open. Poor Matt I am falling out on him even before the kids are asleep. So instead of grown up movies I get to watch under PG movies.

The sad thing is I really get into some of these movies.

Braden purchased Racing Stripes with his birthday money and I just really liked the movie.

Tonights movie choice...Kim Possible "So the Drama"...pretty sad that I am getting all hooked on if Ron and Kim are going to get together or not.

Wednesday, May 11, 2005


Today was one of those days look at me wrong and you risked me breaking down into tears. I hate those days. I miss my friends, sounds childish but I have really good friends.

We have a little group of moms that are pretty close. We may not talk to each of them everyday but we all have kids the same age and have had them in the same classes since PreK.

With these moms I can have a good cry and it's left at that. Matt hates to see me upset so he tries to fix it well you cant fix this sometimes I just need to be a stress case so to speak.

I have my phone ringers set on costum rings (I was bored one day) anyway my friends are all Garth Brooks "Friends in Low Places" and sure enough to day when I was just having one of those moments here comes the ring. Thank goodness, I didnt cry and let it all at that time, because I wasnt in a place where I could do that. But even without saying it she knew and we talked and I felt better.

I am just really thankful for good friends. We tease each other and if you were around on some of our gab sessions you would wonder if we even liked each other with the insults traded, but I know that as we watch our kids grow together so will we, it feels good to know that I have them.

Monday, May 09, 2005

Jem and the Rockers

Does anyone remember the cartoon Jem and the Rockers? Well if you dont Jem had pink hair.

Last night as I looked in the mirror that was my only thought was "OMG I look like Jem".

There was a reason that the hairhighlight kit was on clearance. There was a reason it said do not use on blond hair. But I didnt care about those reasons I had wanted red highlights forever in my blond hair and hadnt been able to find a kit. Well maybe the reason is because the red on my blond hair turned PINK!

My son said it just looked a little silly. My doctor thought it was cool and looked like I drew with a pink marker in my hair.

This is what happens when I have too much time on my hands (being in the hotel with the kids and hubby). I immediately washed my hair and it isnt quite so pink.....still looks a little off to me but hubby seems to like it and I dont feel quite like a punk rocker walking around.

It looks better if I apply gel in my hair too, if I dry it and leave it natural it looks a lot more pink. Oh well live and learn I am not meant to have red highlights, but hey it brought back the good ole days of remembering that Jem cartoon I used to watch!

Saturday, May 07, 2005

Made it to Arizona

We are now in Arizona.

We left Oklahoma Friday morning, stopped in Amarillo, Texas last night. We ended up leaving out at 3:00.....I had thought ti was 5:00, but then my aunt informed me that the clock that I was looking at kept time wrong and it was actually 3:00. By that time we were already up and dressed so we left.

In our trip from Amarillo to Tempe, Arizona we drove in rain, hail, partly cloudy, sunshine, saw some snow and then got here to VERY warm weather and LOTS of sunshine.

Friday, May 06, 2005

Leaving for Arizona

We leave out for Arizona this morning. We will be gone almost 6 weeks for Braden to do the treatment at the wellness center. Last night we met our friends at Chuckee Cheese, you would have thought we were going off to fight in the war the way the water works started with us all when we were saying goodbye. I had swore I would be fine, but I started getting teary eyed when I hugged the kids bye then the moms I really started in and so did they.

The van is packed and ready. I had to make a few adjustments. My hubby...oh how I love him...but oh how he doesnt know how to pack. Things can be laying around the house 8 months wihtout being used but hey we might need this in the 6 weeks we are in Arizona. In looking in one of his bags I find the 3 hole punch, I am like why are you packing this. His response was I thought we might need it......well if for some reason we need a 3 hole punch I guess I will be running to Target or WalMart because it stayed at home, along with a few other of his "we might need items".

Sunday, May 01, 2005

Tooth Fairy Forgot!

snif snif...."Mommy the tooth fairy forgot me"...snif snif....

Oh no...I had worked so much Friday and was exhausted I remembered laying the kids down in her bed and leaving $3.00 on the table so that Matt could put it under the pillow after they fell asleep. I knew I would be out fast. I remember Matt telling me "dont worry I got it"...well guess what, he forgot.

Luckily, we were dog sitting for my mom and dad this weekend so Brittney had her dog and their dog in her bed. So quick thinking I took her into the kitchen and was like look the tooth fairy left the money on the table. She must have been scared of the dog, and luckily Brittney had left a note on the envelope asking for the tooth fairy to let her keep her tooth. So with a little fancy explaining Brittney got all excited about her $3.00 and the fact that the tooth fairy is scared of dogs...whew that was a close one.

I know soon enough she wont believe in tooth fairy, easter bunny and probably even santa...but I want to hold off as long as possible and let her believe in the little magics.

Hubby got a dirty look from me and a few words about forgetting to put the money under the pillow....I dont think we will forget again.

Now Braden has his first loose tooth and he is looking forward to the tooth fairy too....and mommy and daddy will make sure that the tooth fairy visits.