Monday, September 21, 2009

Drama King

I don't really have a drama queen Britt has her moments but she is not NEAR as dramatic as her brother.

This morning we are studying monks in history and we were making a traditional lentil soup from that time.

Braden all of a sudden drops to his knees and hands raised goes "Why Why Why"
I am like what are you doing?
He looks at me and says "I was asking God why I am allergic to so many things but I can't be allergic to this soup!".

I am making him eat the soup or at least 4 bites of it as that is the rule around here but he is just so amusing!


stacey said...

this will get him far in life-the humor!!

Brighton said...

Ha! Too cute : )

BrittBritt said...

ya i laughed 4ever!