Monday, December 07, 2009

I can't even blame anyone else

When Braden was younger he hated loud noises, loud toys because of his sensory issues so we didn't get them often. He has gotten over that but for the most part we just don't have a lot of annoying toys, etc. Well this weekend while Britt and I were in Branson we found a penguin it plays Chistmas Carols, waddles and says Merry Christmas. Braden loves penguins (hence the pajamas he is wearing). We brought it home and oh is it annoying so so annoying and he loves loves loves it. No sensory issues showing here as we heard it again and again and again last night. Just when it is about on my last nerve and I am 2 seconds from telling him to quit playing it he smiles like he did in this picture and I just down my tylenol an let the fun continue. My husband has also pointed out that I am the one that bought it...several times.


stacey said...

isn't it funny how we are sometimes thankful for even the things that drive us crazy!!