Thursday, November 19, 2009

Easy sewing craft for Christmas gift

Brittney is just getting into sewing. With that she wants to make everyone something. That can get time consuming and expensive so we came up with fun project that shows everyone that she is thinking of them at Christmas but can be done quickly and not too expensive.

Supplies: Heat protecting quilting pad (I bought a roll of it at Hobby Lobby for$10 and it made approximately 12 potholders this is with using it doubled for more protection and stronger potholders)
Fabric I either purchased 1/4 yard or 1/2 yards of fabric she liked for certain people, or she was able to find some great deals with scraps and remnants on the clearance racks.

First you cut squares out. They can be whatever size you want just remember you are going to sew around them and turn them inside out so it will be smaller than what you originally cut.

You will have 4 squares the sme size (2 of quiltin pad and 2 of fabric)
you place them in order like the picture below quilting pad, fabric, fabric (make sure your good sides are facing each other) and another layer of quilting.

Then sew around the edges going in enough to make sure you capture all 4 layers. Leave about 2 inch gap. Turn it inside out and close up the gap you left. Basically it is done. However Brittney went thru with embrodery floss in the middle, and sides just tieing little nots to add more to hers.

Here is one she made for my cousin who is known in the family for bringing cupcakes to every gathering. She has made 12 of these for Christmas presents and it is easy to put couples names on them as well.