Monday, June 01, 2009

Catching Up

I blink and it has been over a week since I have posted.

Staying busy and I know Summer won't be any different. Those that keep up with Brae's blog know how frazzled life has been.

I do have my curriculum for the next school year so I do feel better about that. Of course I have not done anything past purchasing it, no lesson plans or adding to it so far. I plan on keeping some stuff going thru the summer but I have not yet decided when will be the official start of the new school year. Probably when I finally get around to looking thru the new curriculum. I got to go to two different home school conferences this year. I have new stuff and I am excited about it. I will work on posting what I will be using for next year soon. I also got to go to a Scholastic Book warehouse sale...oh the book lover in a kids book warehouse at 50% off...needless to say the kids have lots of books!

I need to find my pics from the rodeo. Britt got her a western belt. She had got boots for Christmas and jeans soon after that when she began horseback riding lessons, now she the belt so she is pretty much a real cowgirl now!

Trying to get the summer planned out. Next week our friends from Fort Worth will be in so that will be a fun and busy week.

I always intend to try to keep up with my blog more but you know how it goes!


Laurie said...

Hey,you did not say anything about a book fair!! Next time, let me know and I will send money or if you want company....