Monday, May 11, 2009

Next time she will use waterproof markers

We got up to go to Texas this morning and well I had to blink several times before I figured out what I was looking at in the bathroom mirror.

See I had a perfect flower on my cheek, blue hair, blue arm. My darling daughter had made me a beautiful pillowcase for mothers day. She wrote #1 Mom on it, flowers and used lots of her favorite color blue! It didn't dawn on me that she wouldn't have used the permenant fabric markers. But no she didn't so when I went to bed with my hair wet I woke up to a mess. It was actually funny and I didn't want Britt to feel bad. She is making me a new pillowcase with the right markers. Of course the markers that came off so easy during the night sure didn't want to come off this morning.


Mrs. Fish: aka Two Fish said...

OMG you should have taken pics! How sweet and hilarious! Sharing love from MBC, grab your One Lovely Blog Award!

Laurie said...

What no pics? That was a very sweet thought and this is something that sooooo would happen to me too!

 Cha said...

I was also thinking you needed a photo of that. How funny. Sometimes I blink when I look in the mirror because I see my mom in there. I have no idea how she got there! :)