Thursday, July 23, 2009

Kids rooms

Britt is away at summer camp (first time ever and she is loving it, thankful that my friends are counselors and her best friend is in her bunk).

While she was away I wanted to do a few things to her room. Well I had a very stressful Monday and I needed to burn off the stress so the few things turned into repainting and more...LOL. Her room fits her personality so well. Brae gave me the puppy dog face so he got a few new things in his room too not as exciting as sissy's but he is thrilled because I let him have Bakugan stuff we just threw up a quick border using a handbook. Brae was most thrilled with the curtains I guess he has just always had mini blinds but he was fascinated with the curtains..LOL.


Brighton said...

How "peaceful"

Great job!