Sunday, October 25, 2009

Home from camping

We cut camping short by one night....2 nights was enough! It was cold...brrrr. All in all a good time. The kids had taken scooters and on day 2 we had a scooter accident with Brittney so she was in a sling some of the trip. I don't think it is broken but we will be taking her in tomorrow just to check because she is really favoring the wrist. But we really did have fun. She had her birthday cake Thursday night. She got her hat for her birthday and the next day I got all the kids one of them. So they all had their warm slightly goofy hats on!

This is the view from my chair...LOL...hey at least I had cool rain boots for the trip.

Lots more pics on flickr.


stacey said...

lurve the boots!!

Brighton said...

Great boots!!