Tuesday, September 01, 2009

studying michelangelo

We started our book "Discovering Great Artists" today. We read about Michelangelo and his painting of the chapel ceiling, etc.

After reading about it I used masking tape and taped large paper under a table in the garage and let the kids lay on their backs and paint. They had fun and I think will remember more about Michelangelo than they would have just by reading it.

Ignore the messy garage in the background of the pics community yard sales are this weekend so trying to get ready for that.


Another Suburban Mom said...

That is SUCH an AWESOME idea. I am totally stealing it.

I also can't wait to be your personal NYC tour guide next summer.

kel said...

The book Discovering Great Artists is a must have it has I think 30 different artists, you read a little about each one then copy their technique. I am going to blog each one we do.