Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Happy 12th Birthday!!

My girl is 12!

Growing up so fast. I know she loves these birthday posts so even though I have been slacking on the blogging I had to give a post to my girl!

I am loving this age, I hate it because she is growing up so fast but I love going to lunch with her and FINALLY she is into shopping! She loves crafts and she can talk your ear off. Caring does not even begin to describe her and watch out if you make fun of her brother's speech problem or something...ohhhh it is bad...which I love that she stands up for him.

1. She is the best big sister anybody could ever have.
2. She is the best daughter.
3. She willingly helps me around the house without being asked.
4. She is very studious.
5. She wants to learn.
6. Very pretty.
7. Sensitive and caring.
8. Great artist very creative.
9. Doesn't care that other girls her age may not like American Girl anymore she does and that is what she says counts! And yeah for that!
10. Very polite.
11. Not shy...I don't like asking people in the store questions...not her she just goes and does it for me!
12. Learns all about pokemon and bakugan, super heroes etc just so she can play whatever her brother is into.

Of course she chose to go camping for 3 days for her birthday so I told her I wanted a dna test because I wasn't sure she was mine...but if you see us side by side I can't deny it...LOL. So just for her I will go camping for 3 days and freeze my tail one else would I do that for as I detest camping but for Britt I will.

Happy Birthday Sweetie!


Another Suburban Mom said...

Hope the lady has a great trip. I would also order a DNA test if either of my kids asked to go camping!

Happy Birthday to her!