Monday, August 24, 2009

New week..

Here is hoping this week isn't as crazy as last week.

Eeek Brittney and I spent every afternoon at basketball camp last week. We left our house at 2 and camp was from 3-7 so it was 8 before we got home. Made for a long week and a sore girl. She loved it though. It is going to be a tough competitive team and she is going to have to up her game even more but she loves the sport so much and her height gives her a good starting point and then she pushes herself so I think she will do fine. She is the young one on the team though but as she likes to point out she may be youngest but she isn't the shortest...LOL. She measured at 5'7 the other day...remember she is only 11.

I started school with the kids last week. Which may not have been my smartest decision but maybe it got us eased into it a little bit. I am already unhappy with the English I had picked out and I am not even going to continue it I ordered a new program last night. I said I know I don't like it and it wasn't cheap but we will all be miserable if I try to make it work so out with Switched on Schoolhouse Language and in with Easy Grammar.

Brae started soccer up. Hubby is coaching. He went to a coaches clinic Saturday and came home realizing how out of shape he was. So we will all be using the gym membership and we will both be working with the kids on their sports so maybe we can all get healthier.


Another Suburban Mom said...

Sounds like you are busy as usual. You will enjoy the extra gym time.

Maybe throw in some extra pe for the kids.

I highly recommend yoga for munchkins. There is an Animal Yoga DVD which they might enjoy.

stacey said...


hope brae is feeling better. try to keep up via your emails and facebook, but lag in responded-i am usually nursing while reading which makes typing tricky! :)