Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Thanksgiving Fun Food

I have posted this before, but I figured I would post it again.

I make a centerpiece with my food for Thanksgiving.

Cornicopia ---- THis is really simplier than it looks and is always a talked about item. Instead of a boring veggie plate...take aluminum foil and shape it to a cornicopia, fill it with balled up aluminum foil so it will keep it's shape. Then spray it with cooking spray and using breadsticks wrap around the foil, bake in the oven on 400 till lightly browned. Let cool fill with fresh veggies and put some dip on the side.

Bread Bowl with dip --- Take a round loaf of bread and hollow out place for dip bowl. Then take a small roll attach with toothpick at front for head. Slice a roll for wings (attach with toothpicks) the feathers are zuchini and yellow squash anf carrots cut in feather shapes, for the waddle I cut a piece of red bell pepper, and raisin eyes.

Turkey Cheese Ball - Make my cheese ball as normal, pretzels for the feet, on the back I used pretzel sticks and put on cheese cube, tomato and olive but it might be easier to use long tooth picks or cut down kabob sticks. For the feather appearance half almonds stuck in all over cheeseball, The head is a little trickier you have to cut the craker down and the cut a shape of red bell pepper. I just used black decorating icing for eyes because no one eats that cracker anyway.

Turkey Cookies - I use choc almond bark to attach pieces. I used a almond drop candy for the body (easily found around holidays) attach candy corns to feathers and head.


A.D.W. said...
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tonsofsons said...

You are way to creative.

Great tips. Happy Thanksgiving!


Jody said...

I need some of your creativity LOL. I have none. Very cool though!!

Rofkahr Party of 4 said...

I love it!!! I hope you guys have a great Thanksgiving! And I am thankful for your friendship!

Marcy Bowden said...

Those are all really cute ideas! I might try some of those ideas some time. Thanks!

Another Suburban Mom said...

You are the BOMB sister friend!