Friday, August 07, 2009

On the road again....

Road Trip!

Family Vacation!


We started out yesterday.

If you want your laugh of the day this is what happened to yours truly.

We were rushing getting around yesterday morning kids were loaded I was last one out the door, getting everything ready for MIL who is housesitting for us, we got on the road. About 3 hours later we stopped for gas and a break. I start looking under the seat everywhere.....I had not worn shoes...I had left my house walked to the car barefoot and had no shoes. So now hubby is calling me hillbilly!

The bright side new shoes!! I did have a pair of tennis shoes in the suitcase for horseback riding later on in the trip but I couldn't wear them the whole time.

Yesterday we went to Fort Riley, KS the military base I group up at. What a fun trip down memory lane. I took pics of my old house, the kids got to look at lots of tanks. It has grown so much...I guess that is expected after 20 plus years but still it was so neat to see. Security much tighter than it was over 20 years ago too!

We are going to do a few things here in Topeka this morning then onto Omaha, NE. The hotel there has an indoor waterpark. FUN!

Here is a pic from Fort Riley


stacey said...

have a great trip!