Monday, June 29, 2009

Insmonia and catching up

I have been up since 2. Oh well it allows me to get a few things marked off the to do list. I will be dragging this afternoon.

I celebrated my 35th birthday in Texas. Wow 35, I remember thinking that was SO old. Of course here lately my body is reminding me it is getting old. I did something I had wanted to do forever. I got a tattoo. We went with my aunt and uncle to the big expo that Texas had. If you could have taken a pic of me there it would have been what here does not belong. I had never seen some of those things in my life wow different. I got my simple very special to me 3 hearts on my ankle.
Most are surprised I got one but I wanted one way back in college but then it was just a butterfly now this is something that is a special thing to me. I have caught some flak for it already and I am sure I will catch some more but on this issue it is for me and let those that want to judge do so but I am not going to regret this.

We were in Texas two weeks so the next two weeks will be spent catching up and by that point Britt will be on her way to camp for the first baby. Then she will be back a few days and the kids and I will be off to Texas again.

Before we leave again I plan to do a yard sale (yes I may be crazy)...LOL...but I know that after we get back from Texas we are home a day and then leave for a two week trip, then come back from that and I want to start school so I need to have the house clean before Texas trip. Busy busy.


Brighton said...

Texas and tattoos are like Bar-B-Que and beer...a must have : ) Love the hearts!

stacey said...

good for you!!! and happy birthday!