Monday, August 31, 2009

Too much juggling

I have had several balls in the air lately. My freelance paralegal work is booming which money wise that is great time wise not so great since I end up doing most of my work at 4 am and then running it by the offices after the kids are done with school.

Adding to that Brae's appointments, Britt's basketball, horseback lessons, girl scouts, Brae's soccer, being co-op director, and school for both I was dropping balls left and right.

I had asked Britt about girl scouts and she was like I don't mind if we do it or not yet I still kept being the leader. Finally as I was in tears last week I knew something had to go. Girl Scout meetings themselves weren't too time consuming but prep for them, and organization of all the paperwork the organization requires was just too much. I realized I was keeping it up because I felt I needed to and yet my own child didn't even care about it. I asked other moms to step up and everyone was to busy and I understand that but I also realize I am too busy to. So no more girl scouts. That frees up some time and stress. Maybe that will help somewhat.

I know work won't stay this busy I just have to get the case load manageable again. Co-op director is a big job for the home school group but I really enjoy it and my kids benefit greatly so that is staying. Trying to find horseback riding closer to eliminate that taking 3 hours at a chunk. Basketball will just stay crazy but she loves it and it is good for her. Same with soccer. Of course school stays even though Braden tried to convince me that they could take a break from school "for a year or two"...his words. Obviously not going to happen but he is cute when he is trying to get out of school...which means he is cute all the time!

A pic from this weekends first soccer game. I didn't get any pics of Braden being goalie...oops.


stacey said...

i have a feeling i may drop some balls soon, too!! glad you took action and said no a few times!