Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Trying to do less

I have been missing in action.

It has been on my mental to do list to throw a post up but the mental list has been a swirl of things.

I had a crying meltdown over just having too much this past weekend. I actually felt better after it. I have given up girl scout leader position. After talking to Brittney she didn't really care about it either, talked to her best friend she didn't care either so why was I killing myself. So that is off the list now. That helps.

I have also cut down a little on the free lance paralegal work I have one attorney that pays very well and I get the most work for him but then I have another attorney who doesn't pay as well but he was one of the ones to start my free lance work and has always been there so I felt obligation to him. However it was just becoming to overwhelming so I went into talk to him. Of course started crying and he was like why didn't you say something sooner no problem. So we worked out a compromise he wants me to do certain tasks because he has known me 15 years and trusts me but other tasks are being delegated out. Which leaves the other attorney who pays well but is harder to work for. I am just going to have to put boundaries with that work.

I have lots of upcoming appointments for Brae I have bypassed some doctors and am just doing what I feel needs to be done. I know I will step on some toes but have decided it has to be done. So hopefully will have some answers soon. If you follow me on facebook you know about the weird episodes he has been having here and there with his heart rate dropping. It has now been 7 days since he had an episode so who knows.

Our home school coop has started and I do enjoy being director of that and I think I have it organized enough that the next 5 weeks should go smoothly so I don't get too overwhelmed. Home school is going good. I have started a new program with Brae working with his auditory and visual disorders I will let you know further into it how it goes. So far so good. We are actually seeing a vision therapist tomorrow interested to see what she has to say.

I have lots of recipes and crafts to share just have to have time to get them typed out and put up. Also going to share some of our favorite new books this school year. We are loving our art book and I need to share pics and more about some of the latest painters we have tried.

So basically I hope to get things into general order soon leaving mroe time to do things I enjoy like posting. Learning to say no to some things it is either that or really lose my mind.


Another Suburban Mom said...

I hope that things slow down enough for you to relax and enjoy.

I know that overwhelmed feeling quite well as my to do list seems to grow and my sleep time seems to shrink.