Sunday, April 08, 2007

Happy Easter! *updated with pics*

Happy Easter!

We are still getting over the stomach virus that took hold of Brae first. Hubby was last to get sick and so he is still the worse. We didn't even make it to church this morning which was very disappointing. We did use the Reserection Eggs that we had gotten and let the kids find those and I read the story.

My parents are bringing over dinner, I know hubby wont eat yet, I am going to try to. The kids have bounced completely back. We will let the kids find eggs while my parents and aunt are over.

Hopefully we will start the week on a better note!

Happy Easter!

Hubby is feeling a little better just ate some jell-o. I slept for a few hours and I feel more energetic. Kids loved all the easter treats, not the easter we had planned and certainly didn't plan to stay in pajamas all day but it was a good day none the less.


BarnGoddess said...

awww sorry y'all got the stomach bug over Easter. I hope a fast recovery for all.....well, I guess now just your husband since the rest of you are better :)

I tried to comment at Anne's blog (dakotablueeyes) but her blog wouldnt allow it. darn

Happy Easter!

dakotablueeyes said...

Glad some of you are feeling better at least. Were you able to eat anything.

kel said...

I am eating cornbread and I had a piece of ham, but mostly cornbread but it is really good cornbread so that is good. Matt has had jello. The kids are eating everything!

califpeggy93 said...

I was looking for the blogspot:
and redirected to your blogspot indicating that the above blogspot (my granddaughters) is somehow linked to yours.
Oh well, I haven't seen nor heard anything about my granddaughter in four long months. I miss her on this Easter Sunday as always! By-the-way, you have a lovely family. Happy Easter to all! Thanks for sharing!