Wednesday, October 03, 2007


I saw this on Kim's blog I liked the idea. Basically you go through your archives and pick out your favorite articles from this month in the years past.

It doesn't feel like I have been doing this blog for years, but I have. So we will start in October of 2004, I was just starting to get into blogging so there aren't too many posts.

October is Britt's birthday so 2004 found me running around like crazy for her 7th birthday party There was also a post about insomnia that's a shocker I know especially since it is 3:00 am when I am writing this post. I must not have known how to put pictures on my blog in 2004 because I notice there are none.

October 2005
I had by this point learned to put pics on my blog. We redid Britt's room out of the baby pink little girl room into a brighter room
October found me with an 8 year old
I find it humourous that hubby used to gripe about me not blogging enough I don't think he complains about my lack of computer time now...LOL
Also Halloween found me with a Rock Star and Knight

October 2006
I must have been in a writing mood this month I had tons of posts to choose from.
I looked back at one of my favorite older Halloween photos of my prince and her frog of My little skunk of Jessie from Toy Story and a very happy pooh and unhappy Bob the Builder
Brae crashed his car at the pizza place
I made a bathtub birthday cake for Britt
The costumes for 2006 were Lilo and Stitch
Braden told me he was moving out
We ended October 2006 with Brae's spider bite

It was fun looking through the previous October archives. Memories....ahh.


BarnGoddess said...

how cool!

Ive read back into my archives a time or two and thought"omg, I remember THAT day!"