Sunday, October 14, 2007

He didn't need me

Friday I was getting ready to do Math with Brae. That is his all time favorite subject and he is very good. I was introducing a new concept of large number addition with carrying. I prepared ahead of time the white board, was all ready to divide show how you divide it into ones, tens, hundreds, thoursands and ten thousands place and so on so that he could visualize it. I get the board out and start to explain it. He says oh Mom I can do this takes the marker and completes it without any instruction and asks for his paper. I have to say I was impressed. He did his paper turned it in and said "Mom I didn't even need you". I pouted and saud "You don't need me?" he hugged and said "I need you mom just not for Math, that I can do good". I am glad that it comes easy for him as with his speech and issues some of his other subjects are very difficult. He loves it too that he is so good.

Of course the one subject he is best at is the one that Britt is not the best at and so she gets mad...LOL...those two are night and day in about everyway.


Heather/SHTEZQ said...

that is so great good for him I hate math alot LOL!It must be really rewarding teaching them the way you do!