Monday, October 15, 2007

at least i am a whiz at something

Kids commenting that they had beat a video game (they had just got it two days ago).

Me: "Wow you two are videogame whizes"

Brae: "I am a math whiz too"

Britt: "and I am a reading whiz, and dad is a computer whiz, and mom you are phone whiz"

Me: "Phone whiz"

Britt: "Yep Mom you can answer your cell phone the best and you can talk on it a long time so your a phone whiz"


Jody said...

LOL that is just too cute!! Phone wizz!! Hey I would say a mom wiz too. After all we homeschool mom's have to juggle not only everyday mom things but teaching too!!! LOL

Jennifer said...

How funny! My kids would label me a phone whiz, too, I'm sure. :)

stacey said...

oh, i just hate it when they start to catch on to us!

Middle_America said...

I guess everyone needs to be good in something. ( wink ).