Saturday, October 27, 2007

sleeping in

It was 3:45 this morning when I woke up, wow for my insomnia that is like sleeping in.

We were out and about all day yesterday. Didn't plan on it but just happened. The kids had a field trip with their homeschool group to the police station. Since hubby had taken Friday off he took them and I went to the mall for awhile. The kids loved the police station, hubby said it was interesting, and Brae loved the weapons room. I tried on clothes for ever at the mall and found nothin. But later did find some at another store. Then we had a girl scout function to attend so we ended up being gone from noon to eight without really meaning too.

We had to find Nipper (Britt's dog) a costume...oh yes we are officially dressing our dogs now. Britt was all about taking him to a contest at the pet store Saturday. So we will be doing that. I am hoping to talk hubby into taking Brae to get a haircut so I can mark it off the ever growing list I have to get done this week before we leave for Texas. Time again for Brae's nuero recheck and there have been some issues cropping up that we are having to try to see what is going on. So this week will be busy prep work.

Well I am up at 4am I might as well get things done.