Thursday, October 11, 2007

Mystery Solver

Busy busy busy...same as usual around here. Figured I should at least throw up a quick update. Things are fine just busy. Britt turns 10 soon, I think I have heard the term "double digits" 15 times a day for the last month!...she is a little excited.

Her new phase is Nancy Drew. Oh boy she is devouring the books. This morning she came in with her white headband, green tshirt, khaki capris, white socks and keds....if you haven't seen the movie that is a standard Nancy outfit. So now we are even dressing like her. The movie doesn't come to video until December I think. But it will definetly be one we have to get for her. Tonight her friend Brinn is coming to spend the night and hubby and I setting up a mystery for them to solve. We downloaded the ideas off the web. Should be fun. I am glad she has found something that so captures her interest and there are so many of the books, and then with the movie there are other things as well. So there will be sluething going on at our house tonight.

I tried to find the one of Nancy from the movie in which she wore the capris, green shirt etc but couldn't. We even had to buy a plaid short skirt like Nancy wore...but hey I am not going to complain at least it is conservative dress.

Here is britt ready for a mystery to solve. She doesn't have her "bag" with her but let me tell you it has everything that Nancy has (tweezers for picking up clues, etc.)


Jody said...

I used to love to read all the Nancy Drew books when I was younger! She looks too cute! Brings back some memories to me LOL. I also liked to read the Hardy Boy's too LOL!! I hope she has a good time tonight!

stacey said...

so cute! i devoured her books when i was her age!

Rofkahr Party of 4 said...

Too Cute! We havent seen the movie yet!

BarnGoddess said...

She looks great! just like ND in the movie, but better :)

I think the mystery is a wonderful idea. I bet the girls have a great time.