Sunday, October 24, 2004


I got up at 4am this morning I have had an awful cold and it is making sleeping hard. I keep waiting for it to go away but so far it is lingering. And of course this is just the start of cold season. Too add to not feeling well this time of year seems especially hectic, with Brittney turning 7 yesterday, Matt coming home from a business trip, holidays around the corner. Seems I am juggling more balls in the air than usual. I do have most of the birthday loot put away now. Last night was a 4H Fall party and I had several moms ask if there was anything left to buy Brittney for Christmas. My reply was not much after that birthday!
This week will be crazy as well because I have to take my son Braden who is 5 to Little Rock for a 8 hour EEG, for ongoing ruling out of health issues.
Well I should try to get some other stuff done since i am up at this wonderful hour.