Sunday, October 07, 2007


Last night both kids were in my bedroom talking to me. Brae was trying to talk me into letting him sleep in the living room. I was acting like I was really thinking about it. He smiles, and Britt who is also sitting there sees Brae smiling she says:
"Mom look away from the dimples". She knows how cute Brae's dimples are and that smile is too hard to resist. It was cute.

Speaking of cute things. Don't know where Brae picked this up at. But if you are talking to him about something that he doesn't really want to talk about or if you are about to get onto him he looks at his wrist and says "Oh look at the time I must go" and off he runs.


Jody said...

LOL too cute on both counts! Kids say teh drandest things don't they? LOL

BarnGoddess said...

lol, Braden does have a face that would be impossible to say NO to!

stacey said...

they know how to work it early on!