Thursday, October 18, 2007

A sweet brother

Yesterday morning right before we were to start school Britt was coming in from getting some out of the garage and somehow caught her toe in the door. There was blood, there was screaming, it hurt. We got her settled down, and I fully acknowledge it hurt, I also fully acknowledge that I have a drama queen daughter. So there was lots of hopping around all morning. After school was completed Britt asked Brae to play. He said no I need some time by myself. Which is fine so he went to his room and Britt went on to do something else. He comes out asking if he can get some water and snack. Sure and back into the room he went.

I didn't think anything about it and about 5 minutes later he comes out and says "Senna (which is what he has always called Britt) come in my room." I hear Britt saying thank you brother. So I go in to see what he has done. He has hung a sign up that says "Get well party" and colored it. He has set up her favorite toys that she likes to play with of his, had snacks. It was his get better party for his sister since she hurt her toe. It was so sweet.


Oklahoma Christian Home Educators' Consociation said...

These are the moments, are they not? It's thinking of times like this (mine, yours, ANYBODY'S!) that make the "She's breathing my AIR!!" moments bearable!

What a sweet memory!

PS: Thanks for all of your comments on the OCHEC Blog. It's encouraging to know that someone's reading. :~D

stacey said...

oh my-how sweet!

Shane said...

Oh, that truly is sweet. My brother would have never done remotely like that. How sweet that they have such a close relationship!