Monday, October 22, 2007

Double Digits

"I finally made it to double digits". Those are her words. Mine are "Oh wow this is going way too fast".

It's official she is in the double digits....10!

I have to say that while I do miss the cuddly toddler days and the days where whatever I said was never argued and she thought Mom knew everything. I also really like this young lady that I can take out to lunch and we can have chats and while she isn't disrespectful she does want to know why that decision is being made.

Brittney we love you and you are the best daughter and big sister!

So now we start a new chapter one in which we are in the double digits! She thinks it has come so slow and I think it is flying so fast and I want to capture each moment so I can look back fondly.


Jody said...

Aww My oldest will be eight years old in March. So I am not to the double digits just yet but it is coming way to fast. I am like you in that all though I sometimes miss them being younger I like who they are now too. Why does it have to go so fast though? LOL

Jennifer said...

We've got one who will hit double digits in just over a I can relate. I'm not ready! :)

What a cute picture of Brittney!

Rising Rainbow said...

Double digits, that's so cute.