Thursday, October 25, 2007

A new "real life" friend

It has been awhile back I got an email from a lady with a blog. She lived in rural Arkansas and was wondering what part of Oklahoma I lived in. We started emailing back and forth and she does legal work as well from her home as a registered nurse. I just instantly liked her. She started doing photography business and I just knew I wanted her to take our pics. I kept telling hubby you just have to see her pics. So we emailed back and forth and last night was the appointment. Of course it was sunny and beautiful until 3:30 (We were headed there at 4:00) but I was so worried about us getting another time we went for it. I am so glad I did. I considered her a friend already, already liked her, but now that I have met her I just adore her. She was so wonderful. I could have just stood in her drive way and talked, she has a presence and faith about her that makes you just want to be her friend.
Anyway she put up a sneak peak of our photos. I can't wait to see the rest. She took so many and some really good close ups of the kids, and them doing different things when I say she took so many I mean hundreds! Finally insomnia had a benefit I got to see the pics earlier than hubby or the kids. Now the bad thing is I am going to have to pick certain ones. That is the hard part and I haven't even seen a portion of them yet she took so many, but she made it so fun. The kids talked about it on the way home I will never get them back to a Sears or somewhere like that again. Especially Brae who just ran like a wild boy...but it was so good to see him feeling good and then she just captured his personality. Okay I will go now. Just had to blog before trying to go to sleep again...ugh...insomnia.


stacey said...

we did the same thing last year and loved the results! yours look great! of course, i am a sucker for b&w!!