Saturday, October 14, 2006

First crash

We had fun at the campout. I will have to post pics later. I am posting from my aunts computer and hers doesn't use my card. It was cold but we stayed pretty warm and had lots of fun.

This morning we came over to my aunts house and then headed out for the day. Some shopping then to Incredible Pizza.

The kids and Matt wanted to ride the nascar cars. Braden is way over being tall enough to drive by himself so they each got their own cars. Matt pulled out first of the pitt to get to the starting lane, then Brittney, then Braden. Well the guys were not paying attention and had not controlled Braden's cars speed and it zipped out of the pit and SLAMMED and I do mean slammed into a wall. His glasses went flying, his head hit the steering wheel, seat belt scraped his neck, and his knee has a bruise the size of an egg on it. Thankfully he is fine. But at first I wasnt so sure, his forehead looked awful, and I was scared to death he would have a seizure. Talk about getting special treatment. The car rink manager ran out yelling at the young kid in charge of the ride, we got Braden and brought him to sit down. The manager came out and stayed with us. Braden was feeling better, he brought Braden a free game card for games, came and brought us a copy of the accident report in case we needed to take Braden to the doctor, Braden got VIP treatment the rest of the visit. He even ended up getting on the race cars again (this time as a passenger with Matt) and the main manager stayed out with him the whole time. I have given him some Motrin because I know he will be sore tommorow. I guess we can say now he has had his first car wreck and believe me it was enough for mom I don't even want to think about real ones and driving real cars!


BarnGoddess said...

bummer :(

I am glad he is okay and he didnt let the crash gat him down.

((hugs)) for your little guy

BarnGoddess said...

that was get him down, I am trying to type quietly so I dont wake anyone up this early

dakotablueeyes said...

Omg how scary. Hopefully he won't be too sore tomorrow