Sunday, January 28, 2007

Sorry Pals

Rushing around to get out the door for church this morning just the kids and I since hubby had to work.

I could not find my watch and wedding rings, when I take them off I hook them together.

I told Brittney "Help mom find her watch and wedding rings".

Her response said while hand on her hip and in her I am so adult voice was:
"Mom if anyone comes up to you at church just say sorry pal I am married".

It was pretty funny, I finally did find the watch and ring so luckily I didn't have to tell anyone anything...haha.


dakotablueeyes said...

lol cute You take em off? I only do that if I make a meatloaf and have to get my hands in there lol

kel said...

I cannot stand to keep my rings on at night, or most of the time as soon as I get in and get comfortable I have always been that way it like physically just bugs my fingers to wear them at home. Matt never takes his off me I have lost the thing 100 times, but I always find it!