Monday, January 01, 2007


Let's see how I did on last years resolutions:

2006 Resolution No. 1. Be healthier/Lose weight.
My goal 35 pounds. I would be at my ideal weight if I lose 35 pounds. I know I will never be twiggy skinny but the 35 pounds would put me at a healthy weight for my height and I would feel good at that weight and believe I could maintain.
I would like to loose 10 pounds by Feb 5
I would like to be at a total weight loss of 20 pounds by March 15
I would like to be at a total weight loss of 30 pounds by May 1

Let's just keep this on the 2007 list because I think I misunderstood it last year and gained the 35 pounds instead of losing it.

2006 Resolution No. 2. Spend more quality time with kids and hubby. Things get so busy I want to get back to reading their devotions before bed and just having that no tv time together with them before bed. With hubby I would like to have at least 3 nights of the week that we dont watch tv after kids are in bed but just make it an us date.
This one I have actually done really good on, especially on more quiet special time with hubby, and more time with the kiddos. I will try to continue to improve and add on this one in 2007.

2006 Resolution No. 3. Be more time organized. I know my hubby thinks I am organized as do most of my friends. But I really think I could be more conscious of where the time goes and how it is used. I am still working on this one and it will be on the 2007 list as well.

2006 Resolution No. 4. Have fun, planning a big family vacation in June, enjoy the kids basketball and being the coach, have fun going with friends to Canton Texas in April just enjoy all the things and not just looking forward to events but enjoy the events along the way.Did good with this one. Will continue to make fun and special events throughout the year as well as daily things that are fun and special too.

2006 Resolution No. 5. Be more assertive. Dont worry that I am not saying yes to someone that someone might be mad at me for not doing something for them. Take a stand say yes to things that I want to help with but not things that will in turn make me crazy with time constraints and so on.I think even hubby has to admit I have gotten better on this one, but still I admit I have a way to go.

New ones for 2007:

More health conscious not necessarily for weight but in general health, organics, vitamin supplements, etc. (I type this one as I am smelling my chocolate sheet cake baking in the oven..but hey these don't start officially until the 2nd)

Work on heart issues more with my kids. Not just turn them into robots that behave but don't understand why they have to behave.

Be more financially conscious, read more of Dave Ramsey's book and cut corners and pay things off as we can.

Read more books, I love to read, I also want to read more substance next on my list is "Don't Make Me Count To Three" By Ginger Plowman...this corresponds with resolution number 2 and working on the heart issues with my children. Of course I will still read my enjoyment books too!


dakotablueeyes said...

oh come on lol it starts today for have done good calorie wise only 240 so far today. trying to save up for dinner you know lol.
check my book blog for book titles. I am going to start a new book today. Not analyzing my resolutions for last year I had one to loose weight and seriously right back where I started last year grrrrrr and I did good for three months last year too. dang it

Anonymous said...

Not doing resolutions myself, but I wish you the best of luck on yours!
Happy New Year!